Bethany Page

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Beauty For Ashes Group Leader
Group for Women & Wives

Bethany is a Tucson native who grew up in a Christian home.

Growing up, Bethany’s Mother was terminally ill with Cystic Fibrosis; the family spent most of her early years in and out of hospitals. This didn’t stop them from having fun though, as Bethany’s Mom was determined to make the most of each day they had together.

At age 9, Bethany’s watched her mom receive a double lung transplant…

“I remember sitting on the hospital floor and literally feeling the presence of Angel’s surrounding me. We had waited 2 years for my Mom to recieve an organ donor, and time was running out for her.

When she went into surgery I experienced a peace that I can’t explain but profoundly remember; I knew my Mom was going to be ok, even though everyone around me told me she was going to die.

Even though she only had a 10 percent chance of even coming off the operating table, somehow I just knew that God was going to take care of her (and me.)” -Bethany

God did take care of Bethany’s Mother (and Bethany.) Her Mother recovered greatly from the surgery and their lives were changed drastically, and never the same.

In time the family left the church they were attending, and began to drift into more “worldly living.” Bethany followed suit, and struggled in high school with promiscuity and sexual sin.

“My culture and the friends around me greatly influenced how I was living. I remember sexuality being the focus of most of my conversations with friends and sexual encounters, or “love” the pursuit of my high school years.

She continued “fooling around” and dating in college…but eventually resolved that dating was a waste of time and decided to instead focus on home and school.

It was about that time that she took a sign language class and was invited by her Deaf teacher back to church where she encountered the Lord in a new way. Here, Bethany received the embrace of the Father who welcomes the prodigal home and truly found that “a day in the house of the Lord is better than a thousand elsewhere.”

About that time Bethany also met her future husband. Within a week of meeting they were talking of marriage; there was a certainty in both their hearts that this was the person God had prepared for them.

About a year and a half later, (a couple days before the wedding,) Bethany’s husband confessed that he was living in sexual immorality.

“I remember he wrote what he had done on a little slip of paper, handed it to me, then ran in the other room and began weeping. I felt shocked by his confession and sad and hurt; I felt scared about our future and unsure if I should cancel the wedding or proceed, but was also moved by his brokenness over his sin.

I decided to proceed with the marriage, trusting that this truly was the person God had prepared for me.“ -Bethany

Within the year Bethany’s mother had passed away and her marriage and husband’s struggle with sexual sin continued.

“In college Chris and I both struggled with sexual immorality. I had come home to God, but continued living in the world by drinking, and partying- now with my husband. Sexuality and crude humor continued to be a normal part of our daily encounters together.

My husband continued to drift in and out of sexual sin, and I struggled to understand why he couldn’t be faithful to me. He’d confess, apologize and “be good” for a while…but no lasting change seemed to come.” -Bethany

Eventually the marriage reached a place where it needed real help. Jesus met them in Running Light Ministries and gave them that help and healing through the community, counseling and support they received there.

“When we hit rock bottom I found that God was there- He had always been there.

My husband had fallen out of love with me, and no longer found me attractive…but God began showing me that He was wildly in love with me, and the depths of His love were sure and strong.

He showed me my value in His hollow hands, and the security and steadfastness of His love and faithfulness- despite the unfaithfulness I’d known through others.

He showed me my own depravity and that He loved me despite my un-faithfulness to Him, which gave me strength to love and forgive my husband for the wrongs he’d done to me.

He surrounded us with a beautiful body to carry us to the Lord…

Like the story of the sick man who’s friends carried him before Jesus to be healed, this was the support we found in Running Light Ministries.

We found God, we found each other, and we learned to love as God had always intended us to love.” -Bethany

Today Bethany and Chris have a restored marriage and beautiful daughter. It is their heart to meet people in their brokenness and encourage them with the same encouragement which they have so graciously received.

Bethany helps run the “Beauty for Ashes” group along with Lisa (the staff therapist.) The group is a place for hurting women who’s loved ones are struggling with sexual immorality to encourage eachother through confession and time in the word together.

The group meets monthly or as announced. Please check our calendar for more information.