Debbie Foster

Beauty For Ashes Group Leader
Women & Wives Group

Debbie Foster was born in Los Angeles, CA. Her childhood was dysfunctional, raised by a mother who was promiscuous, in and out of relationships and had gone through three marriages by the time Debbie was 15 years old. It was during these years that Debbie experienced many forms of abuse, including exposure to pornography, sexual molestation and neglect. Before she turned sixteen, Debbie was sexually active, smoking pot, drinking alcohol and deep into the party scene. It was then she met her future husband, Chris, and they began living together when she was 17 and Chris was 20 years old.

By age 20, Debbie was working and one day a former high school friend got hired, becoming her co-worker. As they shared lunch breaks together, Debbie learned her friend has been “saved” and she was told about Jesus Christ. Over the next several months, Debbie listened as her friend preached, until the day came that Debbie surrendered her life to Jesus. Immediately realizing she needed to stop the drinking, drugs and having sex outside of marriage, she shared her news with Chris, and soon thereafter, he also gave his life to Christ.

Moving from California to Tucson, AZ in 1994, the marriage relationship showed increased signs of struggle. The day came when Debbie caught Chris looking at pornography. At first he denied it, but within minutes admitted it was controlling his life, he needed help and believed God allowed her to find out. It was kept a secret for years. Debbie only shared the news with her best friend in California and she required Chris to read a book about pornography addiction. She also found a men’s support group and insisted he attend it. Over time, she became obsessed with keeping track of his whereabouts, even following him at times. Finally reaching the brink of divorce, they knew they needed professional help and began seeing a Christian therapist specializing in helping those with sex addiction.

Through hard work and dedication to their marriage relationship, along with the therapist and God’s Holy Spirit, Chris and Debbie have seen a miraculous healing. Both have been drawn into a deeper relationship with the Lord, have a heart for ministry in this area and serve as group leaders in the community. They still live in Tucson and are blessed with two adult children and three grandchildren.