Megan Grainger

Women’s purity group

I had been a good girl growing up, and I never thought I’d deal with sexual impurity. My journey started when I read stories written by fans using characters from some of my favorite books. They had started out in curiosity of sex, but soon changed to feelings of lust. I found myself from reading about heterosexual couples engaging in sex to orgies, multiple partners, and gay relationships. Because my curiosity was peeked, I turned to looking at pornographic images, and then to porn. I wanted to know what sex looked like, even if I wasn’t willing to have sex myself. I didn’t have a safe outlet to talk about my curiosity of sex, and I felt alienated because I was a woman who liked watching and reading porn. During my exploration of porn, that also let to an increase of masturbation and the use of sex toys.

God then led me to a church that had an accountability group. God used that group to bring me purity with me watching and reading porn, as well as let me know that am not the only woman who deals with sexual impurity. I’ve quit watching porn, and God is working on my heart as I deal with my sex drive as a single woman, and he’s teaching me to be led by him instead of my contrary feelings of lust.