Major Courtney Stratton Administrator for Program The Salvation Army Phoenix Adult Rehabilitation Center

“We have been working with Running Light Ministries for almost five years now.  They have helped the men in our program learn the difference between love and lust.  They have shared the Word of God boldly and unashamedly.  Pastors Beau and Peter share their testimonies honestly and their passion is evident in their teaching.  The ministry of Running Light has been a huge success and continues to compliment the work of recovery that takes place at The Salvation Army Phoenix Adult Rehabilitation Center.”
Major Courtney

Sold No More – Jerry Peyton – Executive Director

J17 Ministries – David Drum – Founder

David Drum

“When Beau talks about the struggle for sexual purity, he knows what he’s talking about both from the environment he grew up in and his years of experience helping people experience freedom. Pornography is keeping scores of people in bondage, and it doesn’t have to. We need ministries like Running Light to talk straight and lift the heavy burdens so many carry.”

Pastor Jesse Claycamp of Calvary Chapel North Phoenix

“Beau and his staff at Running Light Ministries have such a refreshing approach when it comes to the battle with lust that we all face as broken people.  Through their ministry, I’ve seen members of our church family go forward not only in victory, but in a greater relationship with Jesus.  Knowing the issue of pornography isn’t going away but getting worse, it makes ministries like Running Light Ministries all the more needed in our world.”

Melissa Gantz, M.A.Psychology Adjunct Faculty

Beau Ouellette is a regular and valued guest speaker for my Human Sexuality class at Pima Community College. Beau is a passionate and knowledgeable guest speaker on the topic of pornography and provides my classes with factual information in an engaging manner. Thanks to Beau, students leave my class with a fresh perspective on the potential harms and benefits of pornography!