Our Ministry

The big 3 (A.C.E.)

Our focus is on three areas to help those who struggle with lust or who have been impacted by lustful pursuits.

Advocacy Groups – We believe most of our problems come from our self sufficiency.  So we make available group times to help us develop the grace of humility in seeking God’s will for our lives, for greater joy, to the glory of God.  We believe this happens in community with others.  The scriptures warn of isolating ourselves so we seek to start living with others in our lives.  God’s help manifest in community.

Counseling – We understand that issues come up that need special attention.  So we offer, through a suggested donation to the ministry, Biblical counseling.  We believe that wisdom through counsel is imperative for our spiritual growth.  We hope to meet that need when needed.  Counseling is also a part of discipleship.  Biblical discipleship is a discipline of a believer which only ends upon death.  We will forever be working on being  like Christ through a disciplined life.

Education – What do you think of when you think of sex?  Understanding the theology of sex is important to us.  So we make it our aim to grow in our understanding of this topic through the lens of the Bible, which we believe is God’s revelation to mankind.  Theology is a big part of what we do.  We are constantly learning and helping others learn the Biblical concept of God, and His work in the world and our lives.