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Published by Tate Publishing.
This is a book!  Really!!!   I know it looks like a video tape, but that was the point.  Most of us before home PC’s in every house saw porn through this medium for the first time.  Published first by Tate Publishing in 2007, now available through Amazon.

I was born in Encino, and grew up in Simi Valley California.  This book is more of a social critique on my cultures view of pleasure.  Also I share what we can expect when we distort sex nationally and globally.  In one chapter I share my thoughts on the women’s liberation movement and our evolutionary educations effects in our culture.  And what I really am burdened about is the Church, so I dedicate a chapter or two concerning the church’s failure to uphold marriage as a joyful passionate picture for which it was designed.  My hardest words are for my own people; Christians.  At the end, I share what it looks like when one does break free from the Matrix of this worlds view of pleasure, in pursuing the Better Pleasure of Jesus.

This book is for all people.  Hopefully it will challenge all and bring a new perspective on this topic of porn which I believe is so badly needed.

Better Pleasure Workbook

This is a collection of Bible studies and Biblical writings over the past few years from our recover groups that meet weekly.  Click it to purchase.


*On a personal note I am not interested in banning porn or being involved with any groups that are interested in a political campaign for such a cause.  Read my blog as for the reason.