Educate:  give intellectual, moral, and social instruction.

Running Light means living life unencumbered by things that weigh us down.  And what weighs many of us down are decisions made regarding our sex, sexuality and sensuality.

Our supreme goal is to educate using the Bible as our instruction manual and the Church community as support, in helping people break free from solely lustful attitudes and behaviors that are destructive, in order to find a freedom through the pursuit of a better pleasure in God.  Jesus is our Better Pleasure!

Not only do we desire to help people in our narcissistic culture work through lustful behavior, but we desire to teach sex, sexuality and sensuality from a Biblical perspective.  We believe that the Evangelical Church could to better in this endeavor, so we hope to do our part.

For this reason we make available the material on this website.  Whether on your phone, iPad or computer we have made the material easy for you to access.

There is so much to learn or re-learn.  But what joy and peace there can be in such a pursuit.  There are always bumps along the way and various challenges that we will face.  But be encouraged and know that all of us are there with you in the race!

Running Light Ministries is no longer an entity, but we continue to make this website available for educational purposes.