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  • Mary Wollstonecraft
    Who is Mary Wollstonecraft and how did she influence our culture? Could one of the most influential feminist be a Christian? She was a British writer, philosopher, and advocate of women’s rights in the 1700’s! […]
  • What’s Your Identity
    An idea that I cannot seem to shake, concerns itself with equating attraction with sexual identity, or even gender identity.  It’s common more today, so it seems, that if we find a person attractive, we […]
  • A.I. Intimacy? The Brain Body Connection!
    Glad to be back on the Better Pleasure Podcast! In this episode Peter and Beau talk about Trans Age Identity and Artificial Intelligence Intimacy! How does this relate to the Bible you might ask! We […]
  • Lisa and Katy
    Lisa and Katy flew this past week to gather some great resources and education at a Biblical counselors conference! Here is a wonderful picture of the two! Both are board members of Running Light Ministries […]
  • Better Pleasure Women’s Group! (NEW)
    Hello ladies, We have an exciting announcement! A new group is beginning soon…Better Pleasure Women’s Group: A Bible study* for women struggling with their husband’s lust* for women struggling with their own The heart of this […]
  • What is Running Light Ministries?
    Beau & Peter take some time as guests of A Reason For Hope on December 21st 2022 to discuss what Running Light Ministries is all about from a scriptural perspective. Why did we start this […]