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  • Intellectual Passion!
    Sex can be all passion or all duty. Both are dangerous. What happens when a human seeks only passionate pleasure in sex? Porn? Like animals, we enjoy the pleasure we can get from sex. But […]
  • Sissy Hypno and the Trans Trend
    Beau and Peter look at a article by feminist Genevieve Gluck titled, “Why isn’t anyone talking about the influence of porn on the trans trend? Why are so many people getting sex assigned surgeries today? […]
  • The Spectrum of Sinful Behaviors
    What a Podcast! Beau & Peter take a moment to discuss the spectrum of sinful behavior. Are all sins equal? Our sexual behavior says something about ourselves! Do you know what it says about you? […]
  • Katy Speaks!
    No doubt today’s culture is challenging for many youths! It seems the more “liberated” we become, the more depressed we get! Why? Katy Collins joins Beau on this edition of the Better Pleasure Podcast to […]
  • Mary Wollstonecraft
    Who is Mary Wollstonecraft and how did she influence our culture? Could one of the most influential feminist be a Christian? She was a British writer, philosopher, and advocate of women’s rights in the 1700’s! […]
  • What’s Your Identity
    An idea that I cannot seem to shake, concerns itself with equating attraction with sexual identity, or even gender identity.  It’s common more today, so it seems, that if we find a person attractive, we […]