R.L.M. official letter of Dissolution

November 1, 2023

The reason for this letter is to inform you of the dissolution of Running Light Ministries.

Thank you for the many years of support, encouragement and love! It has been an amazing and beneficial time.

We read in the Word of God that there is a season for everything. When Running Light Ministries began in 2006 it was a different season. Talking about pornography or self gratification in a Church environment was difficult to say the least. It seemed taboo to even bring up the topic. It still is this way in many Churches, yet we are grateful that in our area, we have made a small impact. Today there are more and more churches talking about sexual issues in constructive ways. There is always more to do, but we never thought that R.L.M. was to replace the Church. Our hope was that at some point there would no longer be a need for ministries like R.L.M. because the Church would be operating in a healthy, biblical way. 

It was always the thought that Running Light would be for a time, a season. It has been such an exciting one to say the least! We have many memories!

All the board members are very much involved in their local fellowships Calvary Christian Fellowship & Calvary Marana)! We are reaching out and sharing the good news. We believe in the work of the Holy Spirit within the body of believers. We are taking everything we have done at Running Light into our fellowships and will continue to do so. Over the next couple months we will be making changes to the website and social media platforms. We hope they were a blessing to you and that you will be able to share the things learned with others.

In the future we hope to make available our many resources, but at this time we are unsure how that will look. In the meantime you can contact Beau at, beau@ccftucson.org, for any questions.

***For those in our groups…we will continue to meet up! Same time and place!


The board of Running Light Ministries