The Glory of God.

There is a common theme throughout the Bible which is the Glory of God.  We hope the following message by Pastor Peter Martin gives you new perspective on your battle against unwanted sexual desire or sexual lethargy.  There are many that get off of pornography and yet still do not bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  They instead become full of self righteousness; looking down on others who are not quite where they are at.  This epidemic of self righteousness could be the reason for the current crisis in our country on religious people feeling despair due to the shame for there sexual desires, wishes and wants; whom visit so many psychiatrist, psychologist, faith based recovery groups, conferences and centers.

Does the Church have an answer for people besides, “Just stop?”

The Bibles remedy for sinful inclinations (lust, pride, laziness, self righteousness etc…) is the Gospel.  The good news teaches us that we are utterly a mess.  Everyone is a broken person.  It also tells us that Gods love us so much as to bring forgiveness to us through the cross.  The famous mathematician Blaze Pascal observed these two truths of the gospel.

“Christianity is strange.  It orders man to recognize that he is vile, and even abominable, yet orders him to seek to be like God.  Without such a counterbalance, that elevation would make him horribly vain, or that bumbling would make him terribly abject.”

“The Gospel…it teaches to the just, whom it raises to the very point of participation in divinity itself, that in this sublime state they bear still the source of all corruption, which makes them, throughout life, subject to error, to misery, to death, to sin; and it cries out to the most impious that they are capable of receiving the grace of their Redeemer.  Thus, making tremble those whom it justifies, and consoling those whom it condemns, it tempers fear with hope with so much precision, by virtue of this double capacity for grace and sin which is common to all, that it humbles infinitely more than reason alone can do, but without leading to despair; and it exalts infinitely more than does natural pride, but without presumption.  It thus reveals that being alone free of error and vice, it alone can properly instruct an correct mankind.”

At Running Light we hope to help by seeking to understand the Gospel alongside others.

Romans 1:16 “I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God to salvation.”

Enjoy Peter’s message!