Intellectual Passion!

For couples

Sex can be all passion or all duty. Both are dangerous. What happens when a human seeks only passionate pleasure in sex? Porn? Like animals, we enjoy the pleasure we can get from sex. But could this go to far? What if all we did was have sex with people? What if that was our primary motivation?

Before we get off answering questions, let’s consider the blessings of passionate pleasure! Yes, it’s a blessing. In general, I found it awesome that our more modest part of the body can be enjoyable. If it would not so, we might not really value the construction of such a part. To use it to go to the bathroom seems pretty dutiful and not very passionate. Unless you really have to go! Then you are thankful, but still not very passionate about the part. But having an area of the body that is so sensitive to touch is really quite extraordinary. Remarkable really. And most likely is why we continue procreating. There is nothing quite like passionate sex! The God of the Bible is said to be passionate. He has a passionate love for His people. There are so many Bible passages to quote, but the overall theme of the Bible is God’s passionate pursuing of a people. So, we should expect the pinnacle of God’s creation to be able to have passion as well. Some more than others no doubt.

When Eve was fashioned from Adam, Adam looked at her and said, “This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh…” He was excited to say the least. The first command of the Bible is to be fruitful and multiply. Bestiality was not the way to go, Eve was fashioned, and they together were able to fulfill the command given. I am grateful that we can find great joy in following God’s commands. There is a passionate pleasure in them, a goodness, an excitement! Our sex lives should reflect the excitement.  God also is a passionate God within His own nature. Father, Son and Holy Spirit! “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased!” The Father has great pleasure in the Son, and the Son has such a passion to obey the Father. It’s very awesome to read the Gospel accounts and see this kind of relationship with God. Our sex lives should also reflect this kind of unified passion that we see between the Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

You might be thinking that passionate sex had nothing to do with God. Your wrong. To remove the deity from the discussion moves us into mere animalism. Yet we are quite capable of so much more! We can not only have passion, but we can think about what sex means through our intellect. This really is remarkable and brings great balance to our sex lives. Understanding and studying theology can bring great depth to our attitude towards sex. We understand through our study of theology that God is a complex unity within the Godhead. That within this Godhead there are three distinct persons. Each person together makes up the one God. There are not three gods but one, of a unity. God creates this unity in humans and they are to bear the image of the complex unity of the Godhead by being joined together sexually. This physical union creates a family. This family is a complex unity composed of males and females. The Godheads diversity is seen in the diversity in the family. The family lives under one home, not many homes, but one.

I think you get the idea. Theology gives us an insight into the ‘why,’ of sex relations. Without theology, we simply make up our own reasons as to why we are doing sexual relations the way we are doing them. And each individual on the planet can have their own ideas and takes on that! Theology unifies humans under an objective truth regarding the ‘why.’ I for one am grateful the Christian doctrine on God is a passionate one! I am equally glad that it is a deeply intellectual too.

Sex without passion is simply dutiful and can be an utter drag. Sex with just passion can be dangerous in its selfish ambition. Both extremes are not biblical, but having both will bring maturity. This is the Biblical way.