A United Front!

“Two are better than one” Ecclesiastes 4:9
It’s so cool when you have a partner in crime!  Well not crime, but joy!
In the ministry of helping those husband and wife teams that have been impacted by sexual immorality (and which one has not had some form or another) I find there is a incredible God glorifying action that takes place when there is this “United Front” in fighting the lust of the flesh and the world.
How ecstatic I am when I see a guy finally get to the place in Christ, where He is moved by the Holy Spirit to confess, not for his own glory (for he is treading on literally shaky ground) but  for God’s glory.  The chains of  burdens of un-confessed actions of the past start falling off and a lightness begins to take over.  Running Light!  That’s how we get our ministry name by the way!
But on the horizon, though those chains are being lifted in the guy’s life, there are other chains that are rapped around our spouse   Chains of un-forgiveness  bitterness, anger, resentment, that if not dealt with Biblically will not glorify God and therefore no joy will become her.  Some women leave there husbands at this point.  They cannot get over the pain and hurt…The Betrayal!!!
Sharing our flaws with one another needs to start being cultivated in our marriages.  ”Confess our sins to one another, praying for one another that you may be healed.”   If this is not being done day after day, then when confession does take place, it will be as a nuclear bomb just went off in your stomach!  We’ve all had that experience when married right?  But daily talking about what we struggle with and walking together in helping one another to fight it through accountability  amputation, drinking of the Living Word is our strength.  Two are better than one!
Every Christian Marriage is between a sinful guy and an equally sinful woman.  There is no person you will meet on the planet that will not have to confess something to you as to his/her failures.  And some of our failures are big.
When I see a man bringing things into the light with a humble, 2nd Corinthians 7 type of heart,  (This heart is the one that is on the right path, thinking about God and wanting to glorify Him instead of himself, You can see the concern he has in what he has done)  I rejoice!  This is a move of God!
Though the wife might be in absolute turmoil (and it could be the other way around), there needs to be a understanding that this confession is a work of God in the person.  And wouldn’t that just be the thing that would get you through!  Knowing God is at work in your spouse is the best thought ever.  How sad it truly is when a man leaves his family for another women.  But for those whose husbands confess there heart of lust and share the struggles they have then you have a ‘real’ marriage.  A Christian marriage  that is full of active Christian principles that are daily being worked out.
The United front course at Settingcaptivesfree.com is a Bible based course that is to support your husband, by you the wife united with him in the battle against desires that go astray.
The free online course let’s you see what your spouse is going through and how to help make your home a home that is battle tested against the schemes of the ‘evil one’ who desires to devour.
All I can say is what a incredible resource and hope you take advantage of this free course.  As with every S.C.F. course, you will have a online mentor and have the ability upon signing up to include other mentor’s to your ‘receiving work’ list.
It takes two to make a marriage work.
One might be getting out of sexual immorality, but without the other side wanting to go through there own pain to grow then there will be difficult times ahead.
My next blog will be on some area’s for women that are very difficult to deal with when there husbands are coming into a new way of thinking about sex.  And I’m not talking about forgiveness or anger.  Stay tuned, it is sure to be a interesting read.
Pastor Beau J Ouellette
Author : Porn & A Pastor