Miley Cyrus – I feel your pain!

My wife told me once that Miley’s favorite Bible verse was Ephesians 5:8; “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord.  Walk as children of light.”

What a great passage.  My good friend who has sense gone on to his reward, Jim Cherry (base-player for the band Strungout) once told me the same thing.  The passage is awesome!  To those who’s eyes have been opened to who Jesus was (and still is), and to those who have been un-plugged from the Matrix, we now see things as never before.  Jesus is the light that has shown in our hearts and minds, moving us away from the blindness that once defined us.
Miley at one time claimed Christ as her savior, and from the performance last night at the MTV awards it would seem pretty clearly that she has moved away from, “What would Jesus do?”  But I sympathize with her.  I do.  I have had some pretty narley spiritual face plants as a Christian.  Now maybe not in front of hundreds of thousands of people over the world, but I can remember my own blunders in sin before friends.  What my heart saddens over in her situation is that her plight is the path most taken, and the one that leads to nowhere.  She certainly revealed what is in her heart at the moment.  
Now, the effects of the corrupt nature are obvious: illicit sex, perversion, promiscuity, Gal 5:19
I found that I too have the same fleshly appetites as she does.  I fight mine, by the grace of God by renewing my mind in the Word daily.  Meditating on the Word day and night.  Praying my affections be towards Jesus and find His pleasure be utmost satisfying as when I hang with a best friend.  
This is why I feel for her; she’s struggling with fighting her’s, and when that battle against sin is not being waged we backslide into a life of sin against God and people.  That’s a bummer and no fun for the Christian to be in; of course I’m assuming she has a relationship with Jesus.
Others at the event obviously were embarrassed for her.  We all have been there haven’t we?  A performer gets on stage and when they start out we think, “Oh, the’ll recover, that’s just a mistake,” but they never do.  Some of us laugh, some of us get embarrassed and turn away.  But from the look at some of the faces the later was more dominant.
I think we kind of realize that it is weird when a kid who grows up with seemingly everything this world has to offer, then by her actions, seems to miss the value and blessing of it.  What percent of kids in the world is she in that grows up like she has?   Sure she like everyone has probably had difficulty with her family at times, but was she raised oblivious to what a struggle life can be for most people?  Her performance reminded me of the person who wants to be in a gang and there from Bel-Air, Los Angeles!  It’s just embarrassing when you see that kind of thing.  And it’s sad, because the kid from Bel-Air just does not understand what so many gang kids are raised around.  All the rich kid sees is the video, the girls shaking there rumps and thinks, “hey that looks awesome!”  So he get’s himself some khakis and sports a flannel.  His language changes along with his strut.  But one thing is missing…It’s not his world…his life.  He does not see things correctly.
I think Miley is in this kind of rut as most of us have been (or still am), if we are honest with our lives.  She does not understand the world of a prostitute, stripper, adult actress, yet she acted like one.  I can only imagine what these women in the professions I named would think of her act?  Miley get’s to go home to a plush house, many of the others do not.  Many in the adult entertainment world across the world would rather be doing something different with there lives than being someone else’s play thing.  There are girls all over the world that are sex trafficked, and then many others that start prostituting at 13yrs old!  When you realize this, it becomes hard to see last nights performance as ‘sexy’ in any way.  It becomes porn, a less than, a distortion of something that is intended to be awesome and so beautiful.  And because of that distortion many women in the world have suffered and still do.  Women’s freedom’s have come in the last 70 years (approx) in this country, and in some of the world, women are stilled somewhat considered property.  As property women are exposed to such degradation.  Man it’s so sad!  Lust simply sucks and it’s appetite has no end.
I think if Miley had a upbringing that was different and did not claim a relationship with Jesus, I would think a bit different about the performance.  But she has tasted and seen that the Lord is good!  She has partaken of his ‘fatness.’  That means the good stuff!!!  Some of us that grow up not knowing Jesus at all, simply know this world and how it works.  We do things to survive feeding our bodily appetites, and we think nothing of it.  When we do stupid things in ignorance  our excuse is that we don’t know what were doing, were drunk, on drugs or just wanting to have sex!  Bodily pleasure is everything.  
But I thought Miley was un-plugged from this Matrix?  Her favorite passage of scripture says it all.  “You once were (past tense) darkness, but now you are children of light (we’re un-plugged and seeing clearly now.)  But the last part is the kicker for all of us Christians, “Walk as children of light.”  
Christians stumble.  We stumble allot!  The men and women of faith in the Bible are a mess!  I thank God for His mercy and grace that is clearly most seen in Jesus dying on a Roman cross on the ancient freeway for my sins.
Tonight, my 12yr old daughter and I prayed for Miley.  We prayed simply that our Lord will touch her heart and bring her back to Him, for her to see Jesus as her treasure.  For so she will learn; nothing in this world will suffice, it is all sinking sand.
Zephaniah 3:17

The Lord your God is with you,
    the Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you;
    in his love he will no longer rebuke you,
    but will rejoice over you with singing.”