Oh, no! The holiday’s are here!

Oh, no!  The holiday’s are here!

The holiday’s are a very trying time for so many who are either trapped in the web of bondage to sexual immorality or those caught up in the sin of another, like a family.  The grief shared by a spouse of one in bondage is very painful and real.  With the holiday’s coming there can be thoughts of what is there to be Merry about?  Or why did God bring this into my life?

My prayer is that you look for God to get all the Glory for your actions from here on out!  No longer asking the why, but instead seeking how you can show Christ in your situation to a world that doesn’t know the value of Him and so Glorify His Name!

For those dealing with the struggle to sexual sin the holiday’s mean free time.  And free time is not good time for you.  Here are some practical things to do so that you do not stumble during this time.  They are all graces of God…gifts!  Seek it, as more precious than anything, for they are off the Happy God!

Amputation! Cut out any opportunity to get into a old sin.  Get the filter going on the PC, or only use it with your family around. Matthew 5:29-30

Accountability! Call your accountability partner daily through the holidays and at least leave a message telling how things are going.  Eccl 4:9-12

Fortify! Go to bed early!  Late nights are bad for us.  Be active on a house project or take the kids out often.  Also working out can help us not become lazy, but I suggest you be careful where you workout.  (I do it at the house)  Proverbs 26:14

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, due to the sin of a person sexual the damage done in the house can be absolutely devastating.  And when all is “Merry” around you, it can be quite hard to fake it, when family is around.  Can I suggest one thing?

Find your delight in HIM!  Jesus is your shield and your great reward! (Gen 15:1)  I love what Proverbs 16:20 says, “whoever trust in the Lord, happy is he.”  It does not say happy are you when you trust in your spouse, kids, job etc… but trust in Him!  Make Christ your pleasure today as Mary did who sat at His feet.  He makes you complete! (Col 2:10)

Make this holiday a time where you bath yourself in the beauty of holiness in Christ!  We suggest that you begin a new Bible study called “United Front.”  Just go to http://old.settingcaptivesfree.com/spouses/

It’s free!!!