Strong Willed Women

2 Timothy 3:6 says, “…for among them are those who creep into households and capture weak women, burdened with sin and led astray by various passions.

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Recently, I read an article about Kendra Wilkinson (a former playboy bunny, ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, and now wife and mother). She was facing insecurities about her pregnant body and rumors of her cheating husband. When she confessed fear over her husband falling out of love with her because of her fears of what her second pregnancy would do to her body, it made me pause. Didn’t he marry her because he loves her or was it out of lust? That made me think about myself as an overweight woman in our society. Would I be able to get a man to fall in love with me in a fall-in-lust society? 
What does God say about his love for me as his daughter and bride?

Looking at 2nd Timothy gave me an idea. Kendra and I are both weak women who are expecting to gain love when our bodies look a certain way: her gaining her pre-pregnancy body, and me getting down to a normal size. Do we need to have the perfect body so men will stay in lust with us? Hardly, because our bridegroom tells us differently. The Song of Solomon contains love poems between a husband and wife, but also is read as our interaction with Jesus as our bridegroom. 

In Song of Solomon 1:15 it reads:
“Behold you are beautiful, my love;
Behold, you are beautiful;
Your eyes are doves.”

In this verse, and throughout the rest of the chapter, we are shown Jesus’ love for us, not lust. He doesn’t expect us to be a size 2 with a flat stomach and revealing clothes. He’s in love with us, making us strong women in him rather than weak women led away by falling in lust.

Megan Grainger a RLM contributer