Why Sex Trafficking takes place.

I’ll never forget the time I went to hear Natasha Herzig share her story of being abducted out of a small town at 18 years old and brought to the City to be used as a sex slave.  Wow the impact that had on all of us in the room listening to her tell this story of pain, struggle for survival and bondage.

ImageSince that time I have seen my share of documentaries on the Sex Industry in Arizona, the U.S.A. and Internationally.  All of them tell a different part of the Sex Industry and all of them I recommend others to watch.  But none of them have given a real answer to the problem of Sex Slavery.  Sex Trafficking exists due to people wanting it to exists   There is the elementary principle of supply and demand at work here.  For some countries it is an acceptable way to make money for your family.  In other countries it is the only way some find a way to stay alive financially.

In our country, sex is how we sell merchandise everyday which creates quite a desire for sex.  This over sexed culture gives way to a great demand for sexual experience.  Those that are in bondage to sex find pornography a fix and some find prostitution one too.  The Sex Traffickers tap into this source no doubt.  When more and more people have a obsession for sexual experience and are unable to fulfill this desire freely (without pay) then paying for sex becomes the option.  This happens all the time now.  You’ve heard of the Online sex dating sites that are in the thousands where you can pay money to be a part of a online sex community, to Ashley Madison the infamous adultery web site.  Our culture pays for sex all the time.  But largely people agree to it, there is no corrosion or forcing involved.

But what makes legal Ashley Madison and the Illegal Sex Traffickers go is the same desire.  Lust!

This is where the documentaries I have seen loose me.  The problem is lust in the human heart that would lead someone to find a prostitute.  When lust calls there is no logic, rhyme or reason to it, just a incredible itching to get what is desired at whatever the cost.

I never knew many guys growing up that while at a party picking up girls where asking questions like, “how old are you?”  “Are you being trafficked?” “Why don’t we just go to a movie and talk a bit to get to know you more.”

Mostly the burning, out of control lust moved them right to ‘GO’ to collect there 200 dollars. (Monopoly)  They needed to get to the prize that lust promised.  And this is the reason that Sex Trafficking will not stop no matter what laws are in place.  Lust happens!  Laws are put in place to hopefully nullify the greater evil.  You can kill, but laws prohibit first degree murder   You can steal, but robbing a bank is against the Law.  You can watch porn, but prostitution is illegal.  Though the laws are there to prevent the greatest ‘evil’ the potential for the greatest evil is there within us.  No law can restrain it.

This is the position of the Holy Bible;  “The law is good, but I am sold as a slave to sin!”  Nothing is wrong with the Laws that we have, but the problem is that lust continues to rule and reign in the human heart.  For those in the Church and those without the Church, lust lives.

There is only one way to stop Sex Trafficking and that is to stop lust.  Doesn’t that sound impossible?  It is.  “What is impossible for man, is possible for God.”  Jesus said to a women bound in lustful living that if she took of Him, then out of her would flow rivers of living water.  He was letting her know that her desires would be changed, a new heart is what is needed in these situations and Jesus promised to give her one.

Sex Trafficking is my problem.  It starts with me and my own lust.  Oh, how easy it is to point the finger at those that sell people as sex slaves to get out of the poverty that they have seen there entire life.  And how we look down at the pimps, that starting pimping to help mom live a better life.  But when I look at why it all works…why Sex Trafficking works, it comes back to my own heart.  Lust.

The only way for me to get off this bandwagon of desire is to be given a new heart with new desires and a new pleasure.  This is what Jesus gives us to those who drink of Him.  For those that make the documentaries on Sex trafficking they will no doubt revert to the need for government crackdowns, new policies and the like to curb the growth of the Sex Slave Industry.  But the elephant in the room will be standing…the 900 ft Gorilla of lust will still be there finding a way… and it will!

“A man with an obsession has very little sales resistance,” C.S. Lewis wrote.

The Lust of man needs to be killed.  When that is killed, then you have one upped the abolition movement.