X Box Technology!

I have a 15-year-old teenage son.  He is much, much different from me.  He loves to be home hanging out with his family.  He is a teenager of the modern world…the TECH world.  He has played video games since a little boy.  First it was Crash Bandicoot on the Playstation, then super Mario on the game cube and now it’s X-BOX live!

He looks like a tech nerd with head gear on and a funny looking mic, like a Disney pop star would have on.  It’s funny for me to see, for it is much different from my Southern Cal teenage life.  This is his world.  He talks to his friends through X-Box live, watches them play their games and even joins in to do group gaming!  Incredible.  He doesn;t need to leave his house to get with his friends and go play cowboys and indians!!!  It’s a different world.

But one part of this X-Box tech that troubles me is the opportunity for porn to get in.  I haven’;t seen it yet, but the potential is overwhelming.  Just as V.O.D. is a 2 billion dollar business in the world, just think if the porn industry will make their material available over X-Box live networks!  Today you can get your NETFLIX subscription from X-Box live so that your X-Box cousul controls all the movies you rent through Netflix!  See how it can happen.  A company like New Fontier Media that distributes porn can partner with Microsoft X-Box and BAM…porn on your gaming council.  The new Playstation are now linked to playing Blue Ray Disks and boast their great movie tech, just think when all you need to do is boot up your gaming consul, click the movie link, go to porn and there you go!  You can even talk to your friends while you watch!?

Technology can be really cool!  But be on guard parents!  Porn will try and find a way!

Safe Eyes for your internet is a start!!!

And check your kids X-Box setting for parental controls.

1st Peter 5:8  “Be Alert!”