19 And Counting!

19yrs ago at Calvary Chapel of Simi Valley, Pastor Dave Guzik officiated Sylvia Urban Ouellette and I getting married in front of our friends and some family members.  What a special time for us.
I returned from living in Kauai just a short time before.  We were young and making a decision to go after a relationship with Jesus with all we had and we never looked back!  To our friends that supported us, we were stoked to have them be a part of this radical step of faith.
We did not plan a reception or have wedding rings.  There were no invitations mailed out for the wedding either.  Pastor Dave thought it a cool testimony to perform the wedding ceremony on a Sunday service for the Church!   What a concept right?
Sylvia looks just as gorgeous today as she did back then.  I think she get’s better looking with time.  But that is the working of love.  Love works in consort with time.  The longer love works the stronger it becomes and the deeper it’s roots go.
What I believe makes my marriage strong is the following list I made up for those that desire a stronger marriage.  Sylvia and I have the same flaws as all of us on the planet.  We are no different from anyone with a fallen nature.  I do thank God for the grace of His Word that is in our hearts that has kept us at such a joyful state for so long now.  Through my own bout with porn and selfish-gratification my wife has stood by me and fought along side with me.  What could have easily torn down our marriage God used to have us fight together the lust of the flesh!  The result has been growth in our relationship.

  1. We are both complete in Christ!
  2. We don’t need each other!
  3. We both have our own relationship with Jesus….Accept it!
  4. We both have different gifts! Don’t make the other like you!
  5. Spend time laughing with and at each other!
  6. Spend time pleasing one another!  For that is your own joy!
  7. Spend time sharing what God is doing in each of your lives.
  8. Do things by yourselves that are special just between you two!
  9. Be merciful to each other…  None of us are as good as we think we are.
  10. Give grace like Jesus!
  11. Forgive one another!  Jesus forgave you!
  12. Fight together against the world!  Make it you two against the Matrix, because it is!