A place where there is no desire for porn.

There is such a place and I’d like to share it with you.
In our ‘Babylon’ of sexuality it is nice to find a place where value is placed in something else besides sex.  The place I have been blessed to be in lately is a old folks home in Tucson, AZ.  Not much desire for pornography  sex, or lust for matter of fact.
What I find so refreshing about this place is the freedom from the battle itself in such a place.  Why is the battle less in there than outside?
Isn’t context everything when reading a book or interpreting a conversation? The context within the elderly community is bodies falling apart, sadness  crying…people unable to move.  When seeing this context there is no desire for anyone to lust, for there is a sure greater need. In Babylon it seems that sex is the great value, but in the elderly home there is no need for such elementary party activities.  Love, compassion, patience and understanding are at the forefront of the need in these places.  Just try to find arousal in such a place!  You will find none!
God is the greatest value.  An investment in learning about God can follow you into the life after.  And this makes the endevour worth all the riches in the world.
If we could see the needs of those in our ‘Babylon’ as those inside the elderly home then maybe we would start seeing things in a proper context and not find ourselves in bondage to lust.
Get out in your community  and see what needs are there.  Realize the joy of Christ love through helping others.  This is the Better Pleasure.
Mark 9:37 Whoever welcomes one of these little children (those that need) in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.”
If we want more of Christ we will.