A Common Attack for those Christian's that go back to Porn

“Surely I have cleansed my heart in vain.”  Psalm 73:13

The Psalm of Asaph really struck a chord with me this morning as I sip some anti-oxidants, otherwise known as coffee, on this beautiful clear and hot day in the desert.

I have talked with many who get to this point in their bondage with sexual sin.  “Surely Beau, I should just give in…what’s the point, I’m doomed, there’s no hope.”

I find myself on those occasions asking them qustions like this:

Why then was their hope for guys like we read in the Bible?  Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Saul, David, Solomonn, Gideon, etc…  Can you say, PETER!!! (talk about a spiritual faceplant!)

For those in the new covenant who sin, there is this ever attack from the enemy that Asaph get’s here in Psalm 73.  I can see Asaph today saying, “this culture is seemingly going about it’s sexual immorality with no real consequences.”  It’s normal for them and I don’t see them suffering, maybe God is at the bar so to speak, taking a nap (vs. 20).

Have you ever thought that way?  I certainly have.  LIES!  That’s what they are.

For anyone who has lived in the way of the world you know that these thoughts in the mind are not true.  They are there to move us towards more destruction and away from safety.  Would we think of doing this in other situations?  Probably not.  But with sexual immorality, we tend to not see the end result in those that we watch (porn) lives.  We just see what is on a screen.  So we like Aspah think, “the ungodly are always at ease and seem happy!”

Until we get our minds in the Word of God, we will continually be bombarded with this foolish and ignorant mind. (vs. 21-22)

There is always hope for those that are in the fight!  I share that often to men that are in despair.  Continue to get in the ring when the bell sounds, continue to get back up when you stumble and fall.  For those that are of the covenant, we fight!  We fight with getting back into the Word, seeking God, learning to enjoy Him more than sexual immorality and it’s passing pleasures.

There is a better world….There must be.