Mercy for idol users… loathing!

And there you shall remember your ways and all your doings with which you were defiled; and you shall loathe yourself…

Wow.  God tells the people of Israel through the mouth of Ezekiel that there will be a day that they will remember the vanity of there idolatry and the result will be a loathing of themselves!

Have you ever been in this situation where you realized your depravity and thought, “I’m a mess, how could I!”

Well you are in good company.

I continually think that the ability to ‘remember’ our ways and what we have done against God is a good thing.  So many do not even care if they are in idolatry.  Our culture certainly does not call it idolatry, but freedom.  Some just dismiss God entirely saying the is no existence of such a deity.

Regardless, the Bible does teach that this loathing is a good thing.  It’s realizing that I am accountable for my actions.  That what I do does affect others, even if they do not know what I am doing behind locked doors.  Society is changed in good ways or bad by how I live life.    To think otherwise is to live in a black hole.

Me loathing myself because of disobedience give me a chance to change.  “I’m getting sick in tired of being sick in tired!” said the Chilli Peppers.  And yes, this is good.  Oh, that I would loathe myself because of how I have behaved and look to a Savior to help me out of this pit!

“Come to me all who are heavy burdened….I will give you rest!”  Jesus promised this.  I must be poor in Sprint, loathing my behavior to receive such a gift of lightness.