A great Father's Day gift…Honesty

I love my earthly dad.  My feelings were not always that way.  Like most I went through some early life days of hating the man in many ways, drinking, violence and the abuse that goes along with that kind of behavior.  No fun, no fun at all.  Those dyays are long gone for me.  They seem somewhat blurrier now than before, though I know it was real.  I have my brother and mom to substantiate it!

I ended up going down the same path as my earthly father.

What changed my life?

In a Word it was honesty!  I remember getting with my dad when I was 13 or 14 and him talking with my brother and I about his recovery.  THe most beautiful gift he gave us was admitting failure not trivializing it or minimizing it, but being honest with us boys.

I realized that my situation is life was not my fault.  Though it usually never is the kids fault for a messed up home life, we tend to feel that way when little.

Fathers…  Could you give your family a great gift this Fathers Day and be honest about your sin ?  Confess it, share it.  You will glorify God and bless your kids.  Let them know what you are going to do about the area you need help in, but it does no good to take your family out or have a BBQ and not be honest about our struggles.

As always use discernment depending upon the age of your son or daughter.  For some of us we have held secret sins that haunt us till this day inside that desperately need to break out!  We have a word for this type of honesty…Confession.

When my father confessed his failures it was like a breath of fresh air to us, and it brought about a new beginning.  That honesty gave us the opportunity to be merciful and gracious.

I hope you give it a try or rather die to the old and live in the new!

Have a great fathers day from us at Running Light Ministries!