A note to Pastor's

I am a Pastor.

I too am 37 years old.

Porn has been a norm throughout my life. I mean it is not shocking or something to be thought of as discusting etc… This is my sick, sinful culture.

What really makes me disturbed is that I am getting older and the culture is more blind as ever to perversity and porn, though it is talked about all the time.

The news picks apart those in our goverment that have scandals it seems every year. People who are famous that are addicted to porn are on the front page. O’Riley comentates on a culture of youth that take photos of there sexual behavior to send then via their cell phones to friends. As it sounds so Marginal there is a amazing double standard which expresses loudly that porn is the norm.
These same news stations have the most glamourous looking ladies as there news anchors. They are articulate, smart, educated, succesful, Religious and wear provocative cloths!
It is tough for a man or lady for that matter that stuggles with porn, to view news today. It seems that the porn influence is just about everywhere. What ever happened to older news reporters? Do they all have to be models today?

This is our world.

For my generation porn is not marginal, but very much like Israel’s worship of Baal and the other false God’s that where about sex.

Pastors stuggle with porn. The stats say quite a bit do. There is hope in Christ as you know, but there is a need for refreshing and renewing through seeking the Glory of God.

I am one that has fallen before and am ashamed of it. It effects my family, ministry and dis-honors the Name of the Lord.
If you are out there please visit www.settingcaptivesfree.com or www.runninglight.org