Will anyone talk about the influence of Porn? by Beau James

Will anyone talk about the influence of Porn?

Today on the news we have the porn influence all over it. “The Bobbits meet again” and “Pageant Paid For Miss Calif. Implants.”

What I find so interesting about these two stories on The Early Show is that neither of them mentioned porn as being a influence into the decisions for which they have received the news converge.

“Miss California Pageant Co-Director Keith Lewis confirmed on The Early Show Friday. He also said reports that the Miss California pageant helped foot the bill for the operation were true.”

Maggie Rodriguez who interviewed Keith Lewis sounded appalled that getting breast implants would increase her changes of winning. It sounded a bit staged to me. I mean where does Maggie live? Pluto! Everyone today who has gone to a store has more then likely bought a doll that had a Miss America figure with… well, a we endowed set of breasts.

In the book, “The Porning of America” by Sarracino and Scott they show a picture of a Bratz doll to show how the porn model for women has become the norm. They call it, “Normalizing the Marginal.” And this is what has happened with women. Having a porn body has become the standard.

This Miss California girl has been raised around pictures, shows, mannequins (In stores), books, music video’s and the like that all normalize the porn look. Women over the past 40 years have been taught that there worth is that of a man’s. Just as a man works and improves to get better and better at his job so a women’s worth is now the same. One big problem… In emphasizing this equality or value to the society, her worth as a mother, nurturer and a child bearer has been diminished drastically. And this is what porn does. It shows women who pursue there worth in pleasure (like a man) and not in the ability to produce a child and raise it. This change of worth is so different then in any other time in History. Women have always been valued for there ability to have children. But not any more! This change has also lead to why in this country we have such a gender problem. Technology has made this possible. Porn has shown that women can pursue pleasure (perceived pleasure at that) and not have children.

Ok, enough of that…back to Miss California. Why get breast implants? Because we have normalized it! We like it. We all like our porn in some way or another. The influence of porn is staggering and it is not just a man problem. 1 out of 3 viewers on porn sites are… You guessed it? Women. Psalm 4:2 How long will you love worthlessness and seek falsehood?