A Virtuous Wife… Don't forfeit this!

Enjoying some old tunes (New Order, Everything’s gone green),  reading Proverbs 31, with a small cup of coffee this monring I was pontificating (nice word) about this Virtuous wife found here in the chapter.  Of course I think of my own wife, as some of you might have as well and find myself very thankful for the Bible and God’s value on women.

But what I found my mind going to most was the idea that those in porn pleasure will not be able to experience this joy between a husband and wife, simply put, they have a perspective problem.

When I was writting my book I read Ron Jeremy’s book, “The hardest man in showbusiness” and recieved much of what he said.  One thing that got to me and still does was the idea that he is lonely and would love to have a monogamous relationship.  He sounds like a very nice guy and quite the romantic.  He is a play actor as well and has always enjoyed the theatre and such.  What a swell guy.  What a bummer that through the continual  lust of the flesh this oportunity now is slipped by in many ways and will be completely snuffed out unless he stop his occupation and in turn lust.

Just as R.J. has thought through this senario, I have too.  What does it profit to have everything in this world, to be dying, and have no wife there holding your hands or looking into your eyes for the last time.  Man my heart just breaks for those that have never expereinced the beautiful joys of having  a person that is yours!  Only yours!  You live together every day, raise children and watch them play soccer.  Walking your kids to there first day in Elementary school.  Going on trips together seeing exotic places together in loving embrace.  Fighting age together and feeling the roots of love going deeper and deeper.  This is a Virtuous relationship!  A man & a women togerher till death do they part.

See I know that I will get old one day… If I live that long, that is.  And my nose is going to be long, my face longated as well.  My ears will grow extra big and my eye sockets will go inward.  My hair will be jacked, and my body broken.  I will not look like a porn star in the slightest.  But what will be of greatest value will not be my looks, or my wifes.  It will be at that time a simple love for one another, that has nothing to do with our ability to be great in bed or what our bodies look like.  Our perspectives will have changed and love have grown from looking at the outward to all of the inward beauties in each other.

A Un-Virtuous wife…Easy to find…Just as in the same proverb a man who likes to drink is as well.  Don’t forfiet this life of committment.  Don’t let love be a surface thing.  Let it’s roots run deep!  You’ll be blessed you did…in the end.

“There is a way that seems right but in the end it leads to destruction.”  Proverbs 16:25