GCB on ABC?…What does it all mean?

I take offense to "gcb"As you might have heard, ABC is airing a show this March based off the Kim Gatlin book, titled, Good Christian and then a derogatory word for a female dog.

I bet many will be protesting this show and hence the network.

In my book, Porn & A Pastor, I discuss in a chapter titled “The Christian Community,” the reason’s why media like this continues to prosper.

Regardless of what the Christian community does say, we love our porn!  It is in the statistics and hard to excuse our behavior.  Look at marriage in the church!  Is this a institution off God that we see as most sacred, as between a man and women, as Jesus spoke of in Matthew 19 or Ephesians 5?  How about passages like 1st Timothy 2, 1st Peter 3, 1 Corinthians 11, Titus 2 regarding the role of women in the Church of God and society?

These subjects almost seem taboo in the  American Church today.  I believe we have conformed to the non-believer on our views of marriage, roles of women in Church and in society, and attaining happiness.  It’s not just me that think this way.  I remember reading different books while writing my own that recognized the change in the overall Christian culture on these subjects.  It has happened.

Until the Church see’s it’s husband, Christ, more pleasurable than porn life (I use the word porn in reference to anything that diminishes God’s purpose for something), this will continue to go on within the body of Christ.

So if the church is not going view marriage the way Jesus viewed it and if the Chruch is not going to view women the way the Word of God views them, (or men for that matter the way the Bible views men etc.. ) Then what are we left with?

PORN!  Porn is the overall way of those that do not know the pleasure of Christ.  It is there only way, from a Biblical perpective, because they do not see Christ as the best!  And because of that they go to another.  This going to another is what the Bible calls idolitry, and this kind of worship is seen by our lust for things or people.  To escape this we need God and His revelation (2nd Peter 1:4).

So when we, The Church, forsake the Word, we are right in Psalm 4:2 O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame? how long will ye love vanity, and seek after leasing?

In my opinion, I believe that we in the Church of Christ need to look at ourselves.  I need to remove the plank from my own eye regarding my marraige, sex life (or lack off one in marriage) and how my overall view of things are, before I carpet launch on those in Hollywood. (see 1st Cor 5)

And I do think that if we in the Church exalt and adore the Lord of Creation then ABC or any other network would have very few viewers for their shows.  We would be with a better pleasure!