Every TV in the United States!

By Beau J. Ouellette

Ever wonder why porn addiction in constantly growing?  Well my blog for today is to give you a insight to the amazing distribution of the porn industry (movies here) to all American homes through a company called, NEW FRONTIER MEDIA based in Boulder Co.

As Internet porn gets most of the media attention, do you realize that every TV in the United States has porn piped in, ready to view through V.O.D. channels? (Video On Demand)  This is not my boast, but of N.F.M. themselves.  Here is a quote from their website;

“The Transactional TV segment distributes branded adult television programming to cable and satellite television companies. Content is distributed to nearly every television household in the United States. Pay-per-view and video-on-demand programming competes well with other forms of entertainment because it is offered conveniently in the comfort of user’s homes, is high quality, and at a reasonable price point. Retail customers pay as much as $14.99 for one of our features. This compares with an average of $3.99 for big Hollywood releases. The Transactional TV segment operates a 12,000 square foot digital broadcast center in Boulder, Colorado that includes a vast content library comprising over 10,000 hours of digital content.”I thought this quote to be quite informative.  This company makes it’s money from porn. As we order it on our V.O.D. you can see at a quite high price compared to the average Hollywood video, we are benefiting N.F.M. and it’s constituents.   The company’s boast is that it has a huge building that holds over 10,000 hours of porn content!  That’s just what we need!!! (joking)

I pray for this company’s owners.  I don’t believe they know not what they do.  Many, I’m sure, invest in a growing, cutting edge company like this without even knowing it.  I have a I.R.A….I wonder if some of that gets put into a company like this?

But what keeps a company like this going is me, us, you, etc….  Yes, we have laws that make porn available to all, but do we have to buy it, watch it and then come back again and again?  Cable, V.O.D. is a approximate 2 billion dollar a year revenue.  This is not going away, it’s too big!  But for us Christians let’s go after something more pleasurable.

“You satisfy from the fullness of your house and you give us drink from the river of Your Pleasures!”  Psalm 36:8