FaceBook Movie & Porn?

The Movie

I was watching the previews to some of the new movies comming out and a comment caught my ears!  The movie being previewed was about the founder of the famous networking site Facebook.  You might have seen the flick by now.  But what did catch my eye was one of the motivation for him creating it. 

The movie showed the college student at his computer with some beers in him, no doubt, running his fingers on the compter keys like he was playing “war games,” with the thought of girls on the brain.  Oh, man…how shocking…a college kid with sex on the brain!  I went to a Cal State College myself, and I must say there is a a ton of sexual stimulus on campus and on the minds of America’s college students.

But what really got me was that once again porn, or un-satisfying sexual behavior (i.e. lust), won the day in a young man’s heart to move him to great things; richness, fame, all the girls he wants, a reputation, and of course rock and roll (well maybe not that).

Plase Pascal once said, “self-will will never be satisfied, even though it might be capable of achieving whatever it wills; but one is satisfied as soon as he renounces it.  Without it, one cannot be dissatisfied; with it, one cannot be content.  from Psacals thoughts on the Christian Life, section D

Our behavior of Sexual immorality has us untill we confess it (renounce) for what it is.  When the grace of God moves us towards this renounceing, then it no longer has hold of us, we are no longer enchanted with it’s fruit.  Another is better, far better pleasure than it!

It saddens me a bit to find that the prelude to such a used tool like Facebook was started with a mind on porn pleasure.