Amazon pulls Pedophile's Guide to Love book from online store!

There is one form of sexual immorality that is rarely discussed but, like most everything else that society once considered taboo, is slowly being slipped into our culture. The cycle seems to be this: introduce that which was hidden in the closet into mainstream media, create a public outcry from those who hold to conservative Christian values (and even non-Christians who have a sense of morality), spawn debates and counter-outcries from liberal-thinkers who derisively ridicule the morality of the past and put the question out there “who says it is wrong?”.  The debate goes back and forth between the 2 groups, but the battle is already lost by the “moral minority”. As the debates go back and forth, we find more and more people who are unwilling to stand for what they believe, or who are so weakly-grounded in their beliefs that they begin to question their own feelings on the issue. As this goes on, the issue is re-introduced through the media, and given enough time it is accepted. At least by society in general.

Acceptance doesn’t make it right, it just means we have lost the fear of God and His principals. We’ve seen it with sex on TV,  foul language in public, provocative (slutty) fashions, homosexuality, and now, making its emergence, is pedophilia. recently released an electronic book, “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct,” on their online store. After public outcry and threats of boycott, they made the decision to pull the book. You can read about it at this link:

No matter what the author says, or those who defend what he says, his right to say it, and Amazon’s right to publish it, pedophilia is sin. Just as pornography, adultery, self-gratification, homosexuality, etc. are sin. Those engaged in it are in bondage to sin whether they believe it or not. The only way to break those chains of bondage is through Jesus Christ. Nothing but the Blood of Jesus can set us free, no matter what sin we are enslaved to.

I have no doubt that pedophilia will be accepted by American society, maybe not in my lifetime, but the shot has been fired. And it really should not be a surprise. We know that things will get worse and worse before the Lord intervenes. Until that time, the enemy is going to try to get as many in his camp as he possibly can. We need to pray for those in bondage and those who defend them.