Fighting for us! Wisdom

This week at Church we studied Proverbs chapter 9.  This Proverb is about Wisdom.  For those of us that struggle with desires that go astray, wisdom is needed.

Wisdom never sounds as good as porn does it!  Unless you have lived enough life in porn living in secret and shame of heart.  If you have been there, you know wisdom is what is needed.
The picture I see in the Proverb is that God is wanting to beckon us to him with his Wisdom.  It is pictured as an:
And is verse 4, we see an interesting parallel!  “Whoever is simple let him turn in here!”  Now compare that verse with Proverbs 9:15.  What a kick in this Proverb we find competing voices for our time.  One is Wisdom and the other is porn.  Also look at Proverbs 7:7 and you can see that not only does Wisdom call out to us as in chapter 9, but also the porn life calls out too!

Now what is extremely interesting about this Proverb but not taught on is that Solomon was the most wisest man in the world, yet he was the most lustful too.  What does this mean?  

It means certainly that Solomon understood very well that there were competing passions in his life and could  be the same in ours?  He walked the freeway of foolishness and the blessings of God’s wisdom.  Can a person do that?
Both are competing for us all the time.  
Solomon says that God was passionate for him, caring to him, seeking to get his attention and show his His amazing abundance of goods.  Psalm 38:6 “We are abundantly satisfied with the abundance of your house and you give us drink from the river of your pleasures.”  Gods always is showing himself faithful in our life.  Jesus is the fulfillment of this!  Oh, how God loves us and has shown us His Christ who did not live for His own, but became weak for us (2nd Cor 8:9).  God’s wisdom is seen in Jesus.  Jesus calls to us as His Spirit is in us (2nd Timothy 2:13).

Have you ever heard the phrase, “If it don’t work at home, don’t export it?”  We’ll I hate to inform you of this, but the Bible is filled with those that did not live such good lives as we might think, yet they wrote what is in the Bible!  Go figure.  God uses who he wants.

It’s interesting but we usually think of the men that God used as first being Holy don’t we.  Read this passage below:

For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.  2nd Peter 1:21 KJV

But I find it interesting that the NIV translators decided to express the meaning of the passage this way:

For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.  2nd Peter 1:21 NIV

NIV seems to translate the passage in a way that helps us understand that these men where not Holy in the sense of being perfect in character, they were holy by how they were used by God.  God used these guys.  And some were much messier than others;  Solomon being one of them.

Another interesting aspect of this Proverb is that Lustful sex is used by God to show (a picture of)
the negative in human behavior.  This is not the first or the last time the Bible uses sexual language to communicate bad behavior that isn’t necessarily sexual.

When Jerusalem is being taken over by foreign enemies, we read that:
Jerusalem has sinned gravely, therefore she has become vile.  Jerusalem is a lady!  And as you read on, she has shown her body to the enemies to sleep with them, allowing the enemy to feel them up and down!  Radical for sure.  But the context is the destruction of Jerusalem a city.

Solomon seems to do this years before in this Proverb.  Wisdom says come in here so we can draw close, yet so does the harlot as well.  Which will I choose?  What will my behavior be?

Can God use you as a person who sins?  The clear answer is yes.

Yet how do you make the right decisions when it is so difficult in our culture?  The best answer I see from this Proverb is understanding what is competing for your mind, and seek to make choices that would move towards God’s ways.  God’s ways are always better.

“Taste and see that I am good!”  Psalms 34:8

Sex is amazing.  Pornography can be so very exciting. To not admit it is to put my head in the sand to the obvious.  God understands the pull that sex has on us and so he uses it to help show many kinds of bad behaviors.  This battle we have does not move God.  He understands it fully and is ready to give us an alternative.

I don’t try to say over and over, “I hate porn…I hate porn…,” hoping that it will sink in.  Instead I come to God honestly and tell him that there is something about it that I like, yet kill it in me, and replace that secular seed with your pleasure.  God must do it!  If it is not God that changes us, we will become proud and self righteous.  God is concerned about His righteousness, so we shouldn’t compete with Him.

“God will make a way of escape!”  1st Corinthians 10:13.  His wisdom which is seen greatest in Jesus, is it.  Help us Lord to follow your lead and say yes to your invitation to dine with you.