He is IN me!

“Don’t you know that Christ is in you!” 2nd Cor 13:5
He who is in youIsn’t that just a kick!  Jesus is in Me.  When I was first reading the Bible, with my teenage perverted mind bombarded by So Cal’s culture, I read this passage in Genesis that spoke of sex as knowing your wife, or going into her.
There is an interesting passage that drives this interesting relationship between Jesus and his bride, the Church, found in 1st John 3:9 that says Jesus seed is in us!  This term seed reminds me of Paul’s statement in Galatians that tells us that we who are in Christ are of Abraham’s seed (those of faith as opposed to works.)  But the word seed is obviously a term used of Abraham’s biology if you get my drift.  I have kids.  They are from my seed.  My wife was impregnated and 9 mo. or so later my children were born.
I find it so fascinating that these sex terms in the Old Testament are used in the New Testament of Christ and His bride with no shame!  Sex is and always has been to point people to the deeper (spiritual reality) relationship between Christ and His bride!
It helps me to know that God has made meaning in everything.  Sex is not random in purpose, but is a acted out play of a greater truth.  We are  “known by God!” 1st Cor 8:3
Paul saw this truth as so special that he says in Galatians again, “But now that you know God–or rather are known by God–how is it that you are turning back to those weak and miserable forces? Do you wish to be enslaved by them all over again?”  Gal 4:9
Sex is crazy incredible.  I tend to think that heaven itself will reflect two things that happen on our beds.  Sex (intimacy like no other), and beautiful rest!  Don’t misunderstand me;  I do not believe in heaven there is sex.  But instead I think it not strange that the Creator would create us in His image and likeness to participate in a sexual relationship that works in a way where a man can go into a woman and leave a seed, so that we understand things unseen more clearly.  No, sex will not be in heaven.  It is a sign pointing us to a greater understanding.
Further in this vain, Paul seems to elude that the Old Testament covenants & Laws were just a shadow of the things to come.  In Jesus we don’t see the shadow, but we now see the origin, the reality, what everything was pointing to (See Colossians 2:17)!
Is sex a shadow as well?
This kind of New testament language about Jesus and his bride gets to me!  Could God desire a more intimate relationship with me that I am comfortable with?  I would think that if God is personal, then why not!  Drawing close to the one you love is the best and does not grow old does it?
I thank God that in my experience love’s roots keep on growing!  I hope for you too!
Beau J Ouellette