Not just every man's battle

I picked up this report from the blog by Kaspersky Security company.
The Pornography category in the Parental Control system of Kaspersky Lab’s home user products is triggered over 4 million times a day. In other words, there are about 3,000 attempts to access adult content sites by minors every minute. This is confirmed by data collected worldwide using Kaspersky Security Network technology.
I am not surprised by this.  But what I am surprised at is the consistent idea that this over stimulant sex culture is a men only problem.  I would not hessitate to say that more and more women are finding there own joy in Adult internet sites too and I would imagine that this will grow.
If you were a woman living in the U.S.A. and grew up in our culture you would be thought off to go to college & get a good paying job.  This is no different than a man.  For a woman in todays world I couldn’t imagine any different.  I never really herd teen girls saying they would like to live at home untill they met a nice man, then get married and raise children!  That sounds so pre-historic doesn’t it?  So if you or I were this woman of today working hard in college, striving for a nice paying job, why would we want a man to wreck it?  Let’s face it dating has it’s challenges but marriage can be a total disaster for your career and from the looks of the statistics on divorce your right!  You have a 50% change of striking out.  In baseball that might be Ok, but in the game of life that’s some major risk most are not ready engage in.  So what is the alternitive?  How about porn? Now before you go off on me I hope I am getting a point across as to the growth of woman and porn usage.  What would you or I want our daughters (or son’s for that matter) to do when in College;
A – Have emotional, physical, dating relationship in College
B – Watch porn and stay single
I think if some of us got down right honest we might choose B with our young adults.  Dating simply has it’s price and that price is very high.  What if my daughter get’s pregnant?  Do I want her to give up a careeer to be with a guy she just met 5 months ago?  And if this woman graduates colllege and lands a great paying job, dating just get’s in the way of the goal.  How can she be financially secure (whatever that means) if she enters into the risk of intiamacy with a man and the potential for having children. She could potentially lose her job and her health benefits!  And with a divorce being a potentially true event in her life, plus the counseling and medication needed to get over such a traumatic experience, the cost is way too much.  The potential for calamity is too great, and so there is the alternative.
Put it that way and I can see why a woman would fall prey to porn.  It’s safe in today’s dog eat dog world.  Porn plays into how we value family in our society and in turn father hood & mother hood.  A woman is not valued for child bearing, but for being like a man in her ability to provide.  The gap is closening it seems.  Men are not needed to raise children anymore and women don’t need men around for intamacy needs too.  It’s no longer a man’s job and women’s job.  We are one!
Technology has made it possible.
It is not just every man’s batttle the issues with porn, sexual immorality and adultery.  It is a human battle.  A battle against what was intended at the beginning and we seem to be further away now from a world that once placed stress in different places on men and women.
Jesus fought this battle in His day as well when seeing the distortion to human relationships in 1st Century Palestine.
Matthew 19:4 And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made[athem at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’[b] 5 and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’?[c] 6 So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”
Jesus seems to want us to look back to find ourselves out of this pickle we are in.
How to fix it?  Stop porn?  Then maybe your daughter will find her pleasure in physical people instead of by herself.  Or, maybe we need to teach our kids that the way things are is a distortion of the intended way.  Maybe we might need to let our kids know that we are are sorry for placing such a emphasis on money, things acquired, continued education for further gain of riches, and that being a family where a mom stays home and a dad works hard is where it’s at.  Maybe it’s time to downsize!  Maybe owning your own home and getting in debt is not the dream it was made out to be.  Just maybe there is a simplicity and peace we are missing as we run around in this Rat Race.  Oh, how what makes us valuable has become complicated.  But maybe, just maybe we got it all wrong and there is a better way?
I am a participant & an observer as you are.  We will see!