R.L.M. official letter of Dissolution

November 1, 2023

The reason for this letter is to inform you of the dissolution of Running Light Ministries.

Thank you for the many years of support, encouragement and love! It has been an amazing and beneficial time.

We read in the Word of God that there is a season for everything. When Running Light Ministries began in 2006 it was a different season. Talking about pornography or self gratification in a Church environment was difficult to say the least. It seemed taboo to even bring up the topic. It still is this way in many Churches, yet we are grateful that in our area, we have made a small impact. Today there are more and more churches talking about sexual issues in constructive ways. There is always more to do, but we never thought that R.L.M. was to replace the Church. Our hope was that at some point there would no longer be a need for ministries like R.L.M. because the Church would be operating in a healthy, biblical way. 

It was always the thought that Running Light would be for a time, a season. It has been such an exciting one to say the least! We have many memories!

All the board members are very much involved in their local fellowships Calvary Christian Fellowship & Calvary Marana)! We are reaching out and sharing the good news. We believe in the work of the Holy Spirit within the body of believers. We are taking everything we have done at Running Light into our fellowships and will continue to do so. Over the next couple months we will be making changes to the website and social media platforms. We hope they were a blessing to you and that you will be able to share the things learned with others.

In the future we hope to make available our many resources, but at this time we are unsure how that will look. In the meantime you can contact Beau at, beau@ccftucson.org, for any questions.

***For those in our groups…we will continue to meet up! Same time and place!


The board of Running Light Ministries

Intellectual Passion!

For couples

Sex can be all passion or all duty. Both are dangerous. What happens when a human seeks only passionate pleasure in sex? Porn? Like animals, we enjoy the pleasure we can get from sex. But could this go to far? What if all we did was have sex with people? What if that was our primary motivation?

Before we get off answering questions, let’s consider the blessings of passionate pleasure! Yes, it’s a blessing. In general, I found it awesome that our more modest part of the body can be enjoyable. If it would not so, we might not really value the construction of such a part. To use it to go to the bathroom seems pretty dutiful and not very passionate. Unless you really have to go! Then you are thankful, but still not very passionate about the part. But having an area of the body that is so sensitive to touch is really quite extraordinary. Remarkable really. And most likely is why we continue procreating. There is nothing quite like passionate sex! The God of the Bible is said to be passionate. He has a passionate love for His people. There are so many Bible passages to quote, but the overall theme of the Bible is God’s passionate pursuing of a people. So, we should expect the pinnacle of God’s creation to be able to have passion as well. Some more than others no doubt.

When Eve was fashioned from Adam, Adam looked at her and said, “This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh…” He was excited to say the least. The first command of the Bible is to be fruitful and multiply. Bestiality was not the way to go, Eve was fashioned, and they together were able to fulfill the command given. I am grateful that we can find great joy in following God’s commands. There is a passionate pleasure in them, a goodness, an excitement! Our sex lives should reflect the excitement.  God also is a passionate God within His own nature. Father, Son and Holy Spirit! “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased!” The Father has great pleasure in the Son, and the Son has such a passion to obey the Father. It’s very awesome to read the Gospel accounts and see this kind of relationship with God. Our sex lives should also reflect this kind of unified passion that we see between the Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

You might be thinking that passionate sex had nothing to do with God. Your wrong. To remove the deity from the discussion moves us into mere animalism. Yet we are quite capable of so much more! We can not only have passion, but we can think about what sex means through our intellect. This really is remarkable and brings great balance to our sex lives. Understanding and studying theology can bring great depth to our attitude towards sex. We understand through our study of theology that God is a complex unity within the Godhead. That within this Godhead there are three distinct persons. Each person together makes up the one God. There are not three gods but one, of a unity. God creates this unity in humans and they are to bear the image of the complex unity of the Godhead by being joined together sexually. This physical union creates a family. This family is a complex unity composed of males and females. The Godheads diversity is seen in the diversity in the family. The family lives under one home, not many homes, but one.

I think you get the idea. Theology gives us an insight into the ‘why,’ of sex relations. Without theology, we simply make up our own reasons as to why we are doing sexual relations the way we are doing them. And each individual on the planet can have their own ideas and takes on that! Theology unifies humans under an objective truth regarding the ‘why.’ I for one am grateful the Christian doctrine on God is a passionate one! I am equally glad that it is a deeply intellectual too.

Sex without passion is simply dutiful and can be an utter drag. Sex with just passion can be dangerous in its selfish ambition. Both extremes are not biblical, but having both will bring maturity. This is the Biblical way.

Love is love?

What’s in a slogan? What makes for good cultural propaganda today?

“That’s the whole point of good propaganda. You want to create a slogan that nobody’s going to be against, and everybody’s going to be for. Nobody knows what it means, because it doesn’t mean anything.” Noam Chomsky

Does this quote by Chomsky ring true with the slogan, Love is love?

Beau & Peter take a moment to discuss this slogan and its impact over the past 15 years in the United States. What do you think? Is love…love?

Generation Z’s Response to Roe vs. Wade

How do you think Gen Z would response to the Supreme Courts latest ruling on Roe vs. Wade? Peter and Beau break down a fascinating article with Generation Z’ers ideas on what to do now that abortion will no longer be legal in some states. What do you think the youth will say? It’s an eye opener to how a culture thinks concerning sex, feminism & hedonism.

Could the abortion issue actually be an anti-feminist issue? Does the abortion issue reveal the truth that men win once again in the society? Could it be that the culture is tricked once again to thinking it is doing the right for a movement only to really be playing for the other team? Is the lack of societal responsibility for males a sign that men really are held to a different standard then that of women?

So what is the, “Sexual Immorality” in today’s culture?

Peter and Beau take a moment to sit down and do a live Facebook Podcast on the term; sexual immorality! Should these words be used today? And what is being defined as sexual immorality today?

How does the current culture define sexual authenticity? What is popular in sexual thought? Is the Biblical idea of monogamy between a male and female popular? Or is it seen as the patriarchal power that must be other thrown?

The culture today reminds me of when I was a teenager fitting into my heavy metal culture. To be cool, was to be different from the ideal, or what we thought was the ideal. For instance, people of good reputation and leadership wore their hair short and clean, we grew it out. Government leaders were Alpha males. We tried to look feminine and have more emotion. You get the picture. Could it be this is what we do with our sexual identity too? 

But should we throw out the ideal? And can we really throw out a standard for sexuality that has been in human behavior for thousands of years?

Beau & Peter discuss on this Episode of the B.P. Podcast!

Virtual Molestation?

Facebook has changed its name to Meta! Stay tuned for the virtual world! What is reality? It’s a question that was put forth in the movie, “The Matrix.” In todays online, virtual world, are the lines being blurred more and more as to what is real, and what is not? And can today’s online communities tell the difference? Are there real things happening to people in a virtual, role playing scenario that affects there mind and bodies in the “real world?” And how does this relate to sex and the Bible?

Peter and Beau discuss this topic by going over a article that discusses the new Facebook platform called Meta and a interesting scenario that developed within it! During a role playing shooter game, one young woman claimed to have been groped by a partner player! She claims to be molested? Was she? Is what happens in the game really happening to a life person?

Check out this weird topic and you’ll get a eye opener into the direction our culture is going and the need for parents to understand a world their kids are indicated in!

Abortion and the Male

Peter and Beau talk about many of the moral issues surrounding abortion and the male on this Episode.

What is our abortion on demand world saying about men? Where are the men who are responsible for these children? Why is abortion not spoken about in the male culture? Could it be that in seeking to be free from males, females have once again fallen into a system of male dominance?

How is the Pro Choice argument being framed in a world of subjective moral right and wrongs? How can anything really be wrong? Can humans live in a world where we do not believe in a objective right or wrong?

Is our country reaping what has been sown over years of sexual irresponsibility? And in trying to fix it, will we just push more government oversight into our sex lives?

All this and more on this episode of the Better Pleasure podcast!

Abortion and the Female

Abortion is the hot topic at the moment! Again… And really it should be!

Peter brings up a really interesting Article from a mother on the, “traumatic” experience of adoption as opposed to abortion!? Is adoption more traumatic on a mother than abortion? Who says? And is this kind of argumentation good? What does what do articles like this say about women in a society? Why is being a mother such a offense?

We hope you find the conversation with Beau and Peter interesting and thought provoking as to where our culture is at and its relevancy to Biblical scripture.