Sex Trafficking 101- Thoughts on the testimony of Natasha Herzig

Natasha HerzigI recently was invited to attend a conference here in Tucson about Sex Trafficking.  My heart has been pricked lately to learn more about this collosal problem knowing one thing mainly:

It is my belief that in defeating the un-Christlike desires that beat our brains for sexual immorality, we first must see the greatness of Christ and secondly (the reason I went) was to remove delusionment of the sex industry as being great for society, and on a smaller scale, us in the church of Christ.

I wrote a Chapter on this… “way that seems right but in the end”..Kapoof!!!  Destruction!  See

But for this Blog the conference did the Job at tearing down the porn fantasy land that we make up in our brains as we watch people “act.”

One of the testimonies in particular was outstanding.  This nice looking 35 year old stood at the podium (introduced by a DVD of America’s Most Wanted front man) and shared for 45 minutes the most troublesome truths from her life from 18 on.  First there was the abduction by professional sex traffickers at 18.  If that didn’t freak me out enough, hearing about the physical abuse of that event and of her capturer forcing her into prostitution being a virgin did it!  Can you imagine the hatred in a person to put a person through that kind of pain because they thought of them as a opportunity for gaining money!  Learning of her heart change over the year of being in forced prostitution gave me much compassion on those that are stuck in sex bondage’s of all sorts.  I mean why is it that some people are in porn (acting or viewing)?  Why do some of us just struggle with that particular sin and others have no desire for such a sin?  Seeing and hearing her share made me again see the incredible mercy and greatness of God to forgive.  His long-suffering is great.

We all in a way have been sex trafficked…Someone is making money off our viewing and buying.  But this lady had no choice…and if you think about it…some of us have seen sexual immorality since we were kids!  I did’t choose porn!  It choose me!  How many little kids (6yrs old) you think woke up and went searching for porn images?  NONE… Here she was a 18 year old virgin, honor role, church go’er who later would be so thrown into sexual immorality, even against her will, that when she spoke of no longer being bound by a Pimp anymore, still the sexual stimulation was needed (so she went into the porn industry), it was her identity and how she felt valued.  She had something others wanted.  They paid for it.  It was emotional economics…Supply and Demand.  But don’t blame her for this, though she was on film just 4 years ago (it’s 2012 now).  This is a person taken from her protective world, placed in a world of hate, greed & perversity of the worst kind.  Kind of like us who have been around the struggle with porn forever it seems.  Children, innocent and beautiful, taken and shown images and actions that we don’t understand only to later find ourselves accepting those ideas and graft them into our own lives…to our own destruction.

She now is happily married.  The influence of porn pleasure will be a continual battle for her.  In the way she engages in intimacy with her spouse to how she dresses.  These sexual influences in our lives rear there heads, the heart still breaks, the scars are deep.

I praise God for her deliverance.  She has found something greater.  She couldn’t just get out of the porn industry untill she found something greater, something better…Her value had to be found not in her ability to please others sexually, but her value had to be found in another who is greater, and better in pleasure than anything she had ever tasted.  “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

I think I got much out of her testimony.  No matter how great porn pleasure might look, it’s just never can satisfy.

The conference did the job!  Thanks Natasha for sharing.

Pastor Beau J. Ouellette (Author of “Porn & A Pastor)