How Sad!

Most of you have heard of the latest sex scandal that has taken place in Happy Valley at Penn State University.
How sad this is for those victims of such a act.  I find it amazing that all people who do not necessarily hold to a absolute truth code of ethics now so loudly proclaim what is good and bad with such absoluteness!  I hope you too see the contradiction of this world that so rejects the absolute truth of the Bible yet in turn has chosen a different standard for judging right and wrong based on the philosophies of men.  Two men that have changed us in the United States are Sigmund Freud and Alfred Kinsey.  Their sex studies and infatuation with the topic influenced many in the Country.  Today we hear many proclaiming how awful it is that this happened under Joe Pa’s watch at Penn State, yet I don’t hear much from the Psychology department that uses Freud as a basis for it’s studies?  Or how about the ACLU that backed the Kinsey report in having court cases that deal with sex use the Kinsey report as it’s basis in passing judgment on child sex offenders?  Haven’t heard from them!  It is one giant contradiction that is taking place.  People are against this act (and they should be) yet

beau.jpg they reject the book that tells us that it is wrong and believe the books (some even teaching in the fields) that solidify these actions.  Anyway…here is some stuff I recommend.