A Fresh work at Running Light Ministries (Update)

Much Happening – O2
We are planning on having booths at 4 states this June with Pastor Levi Lusko to help get students of all ages signed up for the Way of Purity course at SettingCaptivesFree.com in the hopes that they will experience a understanding of the bettler pleasure of God as compared to the Lust that the world offers.  As we know…there is no comparison between the Love of God and what this world holds so dear.
If you are able to help financially with a gift please do so by visiting runninglight.org and find the PayPal icon on the right.  Thank you so much for those that give to this ministry.  That average age of porn exposure is 11 and some say 9 years of age.  By the time they reach the University many have watched hours upon hours of hard core porn.   So many need to get into the free course work at S.C.F..  And that’s why were at the events!
Southwest Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference 2013
We just had our booth at the conference and boy what a turnout of people wanting to talk about the problem of online adultery that has resulted in 56% of the divorces that we see statistically!  Yep that’s right, people are online having affairs all the time today.  If not physically than emotionally.  I have seen just how devastating this is in a marriage with those that have come to us for help.
The need for groups at your fellowship
I have put a link on the right side of the runninglight.org website for you that are leaders at your fellowships that desire a group.  Please check it out.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to have Bible study groups that are not afraid to walk in the grace of confession, amputation, repentance, accountability weekly!?!?  So many Bible study groups we have give us a opportunity to drink from the well of Jesus, but not many are expecting that we walk in the other joyful ways of grace.  It’s cool to know that when people come into our groups they desire the entire package of walking with Christ.  Hey, it’s our joy!  let’s go after Christ!
New contributors to R.L.M.We have two new contributors to Running Light Ministries!  Katy Collins and Peter Martin.  Katy helps with the women that are in bondage to lust and single women.  Peter Martin helps with single men, married men, and especially those that have been in the military.  He is a former Marine with combat time.  The RLM team are stoked to see how the Lord will use these two for and to His Glory and NAME!  Women today exercise there freedom to pursue pleasure on their own terms just like men have for centuries!  Lust knows no gender, so pray the HOLY Spirit to guide as we open the Way of Purity course to a women’s group!