The Beloved!

ImageOh the enjoyment of the beloved!”Oh, how I long to gather you, Jesus said to the people of Jerusalem!”One thing in life that I am so grateful for is time alone with my wife!  I thank the Lord for this time we have together.  Today it was at a Southern California beach.  But throughout our marriage it has been simply just eating together or playing a sport together.  But the joy of seeing the beloved’s joy is the best!  Covenant love is something that I see having attraction in it.  I see this throughout the Jewish writtings!  Issac loved Rebekah (Gen 25:67), Jacob had such a great love for Rachel that working 7 years seemed like “only a few days” to him (Gen 29:20), and of course there is so many other places where a deep joy in the beloved is seen.I am blessed to go to travel and go to the beach with my wife today.  This is not something all people can do and I realize that more than ever.  No matter what economic status I have had, because Jesus has given me a love for my beloved, we have found times and places to make our own.  These places are holy, they are special between us alone. The most special place is the marital bed.  Hebrews 13:4, tells us how special this place of fellowship is!  “Keep it pure!”  This is the place where the joy of the beloved should shine.  This is the places where no-one else shares with you two.  It is a place where the two become one as Jesus is with His beloved!What kind of special places to you have with your spouse?  Do you even have one?Jesus goes and prepares a place for you and I, His beloved, His Church!  This will be a time of taking us out…a time of dinning out with our Savior!  When I am with my beloved here on earth, I think of Jesus taking us with him and see that this is just a preview of coming attractions.Jesus will passionately take His bride.  There will be nothing boring about it!  Nothing mundane!Does our Christian marriages experience this joy!  Only Jesus can give it!  Ask, Seek and Knock for it…Matthew 7:7My kids are great….but they are not Christ and the Church!  My wife and I are…cultivate it in Christ.  Your kids will be stoked you did!”Thank you Jesus for these times with my beloved.  19 years now you have given me this joy.  Forgive me of the times I have lusted after other people, and please continue to change this sick heart to your glory!  May today be a day rooted in your love and grace!”