Colorado Part 2 An Interview with a Ex-Stripper

I remember my first Pastor, Dave Guzik, telling us one day in a service to pray for an opportunity daily to share the Gospel.  The more you do, the more ready you are and willing to see the opportunities that God brings to us.  “Blessed are the feet of those who bring good news!”  And wow is the gospel good news….But only to those that are sick, perishing, in bondage and in need of forgiveness.  Only certain people realize there need for Christ.  And if you have been sharing for any period of time in your Christian walk you realize that some human beings feel quite good about their chances to get into heaven without the blood of Christ as their payment for sin.  This leads me to my current story.

In Denver, I went to the local sports bar to watch the LA Kings and NJ Devils in the Stanley Cup Playoff’s.  I could have watched it at my friend’s house by myself, but it’s hard to have an opportunity to share Christ with someone when you are the only one in a room!  haha

So off I was thinking there could be an opportunity here.  My waitress opened up within the first 15 minutes of the hockey game, letting me know she was recently married and asked me where I was visiting from and what I do for work.  I love it when someone ask me what my occupation is!  This is a huge time to share Christ for us that are financially compensated for the work of the ministry.

Sharing what I do at Calvary Christian is fairly simple, but when I share what Running Light Ministries is all about then you really know where people are at.  Think about it… what is R.L.M. all about?  It’s about Hebrews 12:1!  So that gives me a great place to quote the Word of God and begin to tell them about my own life of no longer running the race weighed down by daily patterns of lustful sin.

This young lady that was at the table was very interested and began to share herself of her own life.  Come to find out she was an ex stripper in the Denver area and had worked in the Adult Entertainment world do to the generous financial compensation received while ‘dancing.’

This confession lead me to ask her if she would be open to having me ask her some questions about her time in this occupation.  She, I think, was surprised yet happy to participate.

Now you have to realize that the whole point of opportunities is to share Christ.  If this is not the motivation and treasure of our hearts then there is no good thing that can come out of such a time.  I think of John 4.  Jesus goes out of His way to meet with a whore of sorts at the water well.  Why…do share living water!  And this I was eager to do.

My questions were the following;

Did you find what you did pleasurable?  Answer was NO.

Do you think any of the ladies that you met who also ‘danced’ thought it pleasurable?  Answer NO.

How did you all get through it?  Answer was Drugs

She then proceeded to share her how drugs were used to fade out the conscious towards what they were doing.  She also talked about women that where mom’s and needed the income and felt this was the sure way to make enough for her children.  But all of the ladies she knew did some sort of drug to get through the night.

It was also a great revelation to hear her talk about how it was not looked as pleasurable on the lady’s part.  It was work!  Ahhh….This is so important for me and others who have bought into an illusion that those in the Adult industry are all enjoying what they do and so they do it.  This is not the case.  Maybe some do, but many, many see it as a means to an end.  Pleasure is not the end, financial benefit is.

She cooperated in my probing questions and kept coming back to answer more during her breaks.  The game went on and then finished up and the waitress was told she could clock off and go as the place was emptying out a bit.  What happened next was absolutely awesome!

After peppering her with many questions that revolved around the false idea of pleasure in this world, she asked me how I became a Christian!  For those of us in Christ this is the greatest times of excitement for us.  This is where we boast in the Cross of Christ to save a sinner like me!

I happily shared Sylvia (my wife) and my testimony.  Remember she had clocked out and could have left at any time now.  But there was something she wanted to hear and I didn’t want to disappoint!  After sharing the holiness of God, the need for forgiveness, the grace and mercy of the Father through the work of the Son on the Cross, I asked her if this was a bit much and she (i could tell) was totally into it!

I let her know that I need Christ.  I am a sinner, and she was too…Christ came for her, to save her and give her a forgiven, new life!  What a treasure Jesus is!

I don’t think she had ever heard the gospel as a gospel for people like her.  She knew she has stumbled mightily in sin.  She was trying to get out of the life.  Her new marriage was going to be a challenge so she asked me how my marriage had lasted 19 years.  Christ was my answer.  Being complete in Christ!  Coming at relationships with fullness, not emptiness.  She was the best listener as sinners who hear the voice of their Savior is sweet to the ear!

She received everything I shared gladly.  Now it’s the work of the Spirit to bring her to that treasure Christ is.  She is ready to receive!  My hope is that after we departed, she prayed and had that conversation with the Father.

I watched maybe half of the game in and out of these conversations.  But this was way better than any game.

Once again this meeting with an Ex Stripper solidified the idea that those that work in the Adult industry many times don’t see things as those that watch them.  It is not pleasurable to them in the sence of being aroused sensuality.  They see the paycheck, the mortgage or rent paid, the ability to feed family.  This is no doubt why this way of arousal will never satisfy the voyeur.  The well they drink from is not satisfied so they are not as well.

Another thought that continued to come up is that when they can get out they do.  Living this Adult life style can only last so long for many of these people.  There is something in them that speaks against what they are doing, and when they drink or drug untill they cannot cope without such anesthetic, they crash and burn…and later get out.

God is drawing her and many like her with gentle cords…with bands of love.  God is the great Savior of those that have turned to idols only to be found wanting.  May God continue to work in her heart to His Glory, that one day she would be used to minister to many through her testimony, as I am mine.

Look at things in the proper context!  This encounter certainly put things again in the right place for me.