The Bible & pornographic images?

I know this is a hard core statement, but I need to say it… The more I study the Bible the more I am convinced that all movies (whatever rated) are in a way just a retelling of Bible history.  For those into romance you have the book of Ruth and Issac & Rebekah.  If you like action, well then David’s life or Samson might be for you!  Others who love the gore stuff will find there way into Revelation and especially Leviticus with bloody lobes flying everywhere as animal sacrifice was quite the bloody mess.  And to top it off there is adult material, PORN, that is from start to finish… For this blog I point to the book of Lamentations where the Hebrew prophet Jeremiah is lamenting the destruction of Babylon at the hands of the Babylonians, and then in the first chapter we are given this analogy of the once glorious city of David, Jerusalem.

Chapter 1

9 Her uncleanness is in her skirts;
She did not consider her destiny;
Therefore her collapse was awesome;
She had no comforter.

“ O LORD, behold my affliction,
For the enemy is exalted!”
10 The adversary has spread his hand
Over all her pleasant things;
For she has seen the nations enter her sanctuary,

Now I don’t need to spell out all of the imagery here, but please allow me to share this.  My wifes sexual organ is pictured as a sanctuary in this imagery.  That means it is to be something special and holy (separated for me!)  Jerusalem was to be for the people of God, a Holy people, yet it was invaded and trampled by foreigners.  Jeremiah sees the city like a harlot, a prostitute.

The details are pretty intense…  The city was touched in the private, when it should have been a place of worship.  This brings me to a exciting point.  Christian marriage and intimacy should be a place of worship to our Lord, in glorifying his relationship with his bride, the CHURCH.

Do you see intamacy like this?  Or has your experience in intimacy so far been like Jeremiah describes?

Remember Jeremiah is Lamenting…  There is no satisfaction in your sanctuary being touched!  Keep the area sacred!