There is nothing like Porn!

What a title! Hope it got your attention. It’s amazing how this open economy we live in has created wonderful things like a microwave and on the other hand has given such fuel to a beast like the Porn industry. Arizona is making some great strides at being one of the most influential states, in the US for the distribution of Porn. In the wonderful, lovely & predominately wealthy Scottsdale resides one of the most famous Porn stars ever! With Club Jenna, Erotica in Arizona is happening coming in ninth place on the Erotica most important cities in the U.S. list! Not bad, I must say, not bad at all. Not only is the Porn industry cranking 97 billion annually a year with the U.S. at just under 14 billion, it’s important I’m sure to our government to keep the ball rolling. Playboy has 700 employee’s which adds up to some good tax dollars to help out the Feds shopping spree. But in all seriousness…(not that what I’ve mentioned isn’t serious), but a real sad effect of such a free market without regulation on what is being sold is seen here in Arizona. In analyzing Google trends, when the word “Porn” is researched for the most hits in a U.S. city, Chandler comes in at number four! Chandler goes down a notch to seventh place when it comes to the searching for “XXX”. And tenth place when “Sex” is typed in.

Will it stop? Not until a righteous ruler comes, until that time, there’s just to much cash to kick around.

What can we do about it? Stop buying it.