Porn addiction is synonymous with darkness. The clubs I went to with friends were dark. Vegas is only cool at night and the sunset strip is too! There is something to be said about doing deeds of darkness in darkness, for the light seems to quench it’s power. Accountability is about bringing the addiction into the light. I remember the old vampire flicks from Elvira, the mistress of the dark. I thought they were so spooky. The scenes were in creepy looking houses that were ancient. Who in there right mind would want to watch a scary flick like that in the day? That messes the whole thing up!

Lights tends to spoil the darkness and make the darkness seem less intimidating and strong. So it is with porn. Most people that I’ve known who have been into porn have not been into it in a congregational setting, it’s a private affair. Usually it’s done in a dark room or night time when everyone is asleep. It’s just the person and a computer or a TV, and few extra items that we need not go into and tada! That’s it! And I don’t see many windows or doors for that matter in adult stores! Porn people like there privacy. So the environment of a porn addict is one of being alone or at least hidden from others. Bringing the addiction into the open doesn’t just ‘seem’ to kill the strength of the sin, but it actually does do it by no longer keeping the consistent environment of secrecy in which the addiction thrives.
Accountability not only means bringing the addiction into the “light,” but it also entails a continual, honest and growing relationship with a person that has been freed himself from porn. Many people who have not been into porn do not have the understanding of the sick, wicked and deceptive mind that they are working with. Porn addicts want to be alone with there porn. There thinking is always to pursue more porn. My dad used to say, “you can’t BS a old BS’r.” And in that cured statement, I believe there is a truth to it.
With what I just said, now I wish to show, that accountability with a freed porn addict is the real, but not the ideal! It would be ideal if everyone in the Christian Church could minister to a porn addict! If only all of us in the church new the depth of our sin and the wickedness of our minds. But so many in the body see themselves as “not as bad off” as the porn addict or any other kind of addict. “Sure I might sin a bit,” someone might think to himself, but the Biblical reality is any type of missing the mark of God’s perfection and Glory is a offence to Him, and because of such action on our parts, the cross was needed. Jesus blood was shed for the porn addict and the prideful pomp.
Christ died for the ungodly…Romans 5:6