To Care or Not to Care?

Written by Beau Ouellette
The question was asked:   Why do evolutionist care when a animal goes extinct?  Isn’t that a part of the survival of the fittest?
The best answer that I have heard was that caring for animals is a survival mechanism in itself for humans.  Caring has been en-grafted in the evolutionary progression of man at some point to help us live.
This is an interesting idea, but falls short of simple observational science.
  1. If caring is a survival mechanism of evolution, then why do we not care all the time for animals or humans for that matter?  People have aborted there babies for centuries, slaughtered animals and people for prophet, wars rage year after year.
  2. “”, then we couldn’t critique people for not caring sense that is simply an underdeveloped brain in their evolutionary development, and how can you criticize that?
  3. It would also reason that religion and it’s morality (like caring) could also be considered an evolutionary mechanism for our survival.  As some of today’s scientist have put it there could be a religious ‘node’ of the brain.  Biological Substrate.
  4. If that is the case then why would you critique someone’s religion, and certainly why would an Atheist criticize a Christian or any other religion for that matter.  It’s just our evolutionary brain doing It’s thing.
The Bible gives us an answer as well.  Jeremiah said that the heart of man is bent on evil, who can understand it?  That makes sense to me observably in the world.  We are out for our own gain, our motivations are not to benefit others (caring) but to do what it takes to win in life, even at others expense.  When I see the statistics on animal extinction, human trafficking, human abuse, killing, war, child porn etc… It is evident that we are wicked.
To say that the evidence simply points to a world that does not care much due to us not progressing far enough yet in our evolutionary trajectory, makes all the not caring of the world just a matter of biology.  “It’s what we do at this time in evolution.”  And how can you critique that?
Is that the way you see things when someone get’s raped?  It’s just a poor unfortunate (who does the raping) who has not progressed in his evolution?
So there is no absolute right or wrong in these matters, it is all biology.  Weather a religious war or an Atheist regime, they both are understandably normal because they both are products of there evolution.  And how can you criticize that?
So why is there so much criticism towards religion from the Atheist of today?  Superstition (religion) is a part of our evolution or else we would never have thought of such things.  That’s if evolutionist really believe they are right.  If we evolved then what we think is the product of our brain and it’s ability to think of things like God or gods wouldn’t it?  And why would we think of such things (gods or God) if it wasn’t for our survival?
But there arguments against religion only points to one thing in my view; the Atheist are not right.  To argue against religion is like trying to stop someone from salivating when they see food while hungry.  Salivating is just a part of the mechanics of our body, it’s what we do.  Religion is what the brain does today, so why would the smart professor go ahead and rip into people who are doing what they do biologically?  And if you can’t salivate, because of some malfunction, would you abuse someone verbally for that?
But the Atheist do!  Religions people have a malfunction of sorts Dawkins says:
“I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world.” 
But why care?  Maybe someone’s religion is what has caused there people to survive thus far in the world.  All the made up stores of creation, and redemption, sacrifice and morality has helped the humans make it out alive and organize over there less developed brain counterparts, the chimpanzee!  (or other humans for that matter)
The argument against religion is one that works for religion in my mind.  I think what would be more of a consistent approach for Atheist is if they would concede that religion is a part of our evolutionary development and it is not to be criticized.  Our evolutionary needs will find a way out of it, if it is necessary for survival; right?