Why object to a God? SEX?

Have you every thought that people who are Atheist are smarter then you? And because they are smart…scientific people they don’t believe in a God? Why would they…they have all the answers right…

I like what Aldous Huxley from the infamous Huxley family and Atheist said, “We objected to the morality (religious) because it interefered with our sexual freedom.”

See…Not believeing in God isn’t just because the scientist has proven there is no God, (that hasn’t happened).

Not believeing in God free’s them from any accountibility for their action. I can do whatever, and there is no God who will settle the score later on.

And did you notice what kind of liberation Huxley was talking about? SEX!!!

I like the quote from Dinesh D’Souza’s book “Why is Christianity so Great, on pg. 269, “The orgasm has become today’s secular sacrament.”

So many refuse to accept a Creator because the feeling they get during a intiment occation with themselves or another.

Do we love our lust that much?