Economic pressure– The great risk of dating today.  Too much to loose in dating. Much to gain in staying single and focused on work.
Tolerance at all cost– Risk of offending is big in our culture.  Who wants to stand out as the intolerant one?
Moral relativism/Lack of critical thinking– There is no objective truth (yet that statement is an absolute!)
Evolution– We actually are products of random mutation over long periods of time.  I am a more knowledgeable monkey, so why not act like one?
Abortion/The Pill/Medicine– Technology gives rise to reckless behavior in hopes to cover up the biological consequences of sex and sexual anarchy.
Narcissism– The product of hyper economic competition plus survival of the fittest mentality, creates hyper individualism.  Why help another?
Hedonism– Pleasure at all cost to the other.  Sex makes us happy and therefore it is good to our culture.  It feels good!  The goal is to be happy, and sex produces it.
Religious education- “Don’t do that,” teaching only has moved the religious culture to pursue other means to find answers to intimate needs and desires.  It is very tough to share sexual thoughts or convictions within a religious community.  Safe to be secret and private.
Patriarchy– Men have been the leaders of objectifying and exploiting women.  Porn can be a product of how men see women.  We have been the teachers, leaders and disciples to women of the world of what they are good for and how we would like to treat them.
Womens liberation – There is a branch of feminism that is pro-porn and sees the adult industry as a way to pursue pleasure on there own terms.  Not only pleasure, but the ability to work in such a industry being an act of independents and equality with men.
I’ll arrange a sentence with all the subjects above and maybe it will give us a good understanding if it fits what we experience in this life.
Now we can!  We are animals, so why not go with the flow!  Relationships are hard and tiresome, it’s easier to do what I want.  I haven’t felt good in a long time.  I know it’s wrong to do that, but I cant say it really is wrong, is it?  It’s my right to do what I want with my sexuality!  Wow, that girl (guy) is hot I’d like to _______ her (him)!!!
I think we can all relate to some part of that short paragraph.
There are many issues to talk about when it comes to the issue of Pornography and why it thrives.  These certainly are not the only ones.   My blogs look into these topics a bit deeper and hope to create good dialog and thought, especial within the Christian culture.