Adult Toys – Sad Wives – Colorado 2012 part 1

I just finished having a booth at the O2 Epereience Colorado Springs and a couple of things stood out to me that I wanted to jot down.Once again I found many married laides that wanted to find help for the Christian husbands.  This is common for us to see when we are out at a event.  If only the men would come to the events and approach us with their wives!  Wow that would be a cool thing.  But we are blessed to point these women to “The United Front” course at  Upon signing up for free, they will recieve a lady mentor to help them through the course.It certainly is another reminder to me of the damage that lust causes in a marriage.  These women have to suffer from many things in their marital relationship.  Some that we talked about last night was the lack of feeling special.  In a marriage vow we said, “I keep myself only for you!”  But for us that have been into lust, we have broke that promise.  And these ladies doubt that they are number one to their husbands.  The husbands have “forsaken the companion of their youth.” prov 2:17Also some of the women shared about their husbands not able to go to certain places, the beach, the lake etc… for the obvious reasons.  For all I know it could even be a Mall.  What a bummer for the wife who forever has no idea what will stumble her husband.  This is no way to continue.  Get help and start looking at life in through the context of Holy Scripture and we will learn how to fight desires that push to go astray.  Take the Way of Purity course at www.settingcaptivesfree.comI was very encouraged that all the ladies that spoke with me desire to stay with their husbands and continue to pray and encoruage them to seek Christ for freedom.One lady in particular has a un-believing husband, yet she desires to glorify God in her perseverance (1st Peter 3), knowing that in due time, she shall receive a reward.On another note, I’ve blogged before on the influence of Colorado in the distribution of porn through New Frontier Media out of Boulder Colorado, but what I saw upon my arrival at my friends house last night kind of blew me away…though I shouldn’t be surprised by anything now days.I got in late last night and as I tried to find ESPN on his Direct TV there was two different shopping network shows on two seperate netorks that were for adult toys.  I have Comcast where I live and have never seen that.   Both shopping shows were by different companies.  Now I caught one of the shows at a opportune time.  The ladies presenting were business like, articulate, smart, witty….why wouldn’t you want to be like them if you were a lady.  One of them stated a shocking statistic that I kept thinking about.  It was that 50% of adult women (not sure exactly what that means) use a adult toy!  I was kind of blown away by that statement.  I think she meant single women right?  I really don’t know, but wow, even if the statistic was for single women, it’s seems the point was made that many, many adult women use them.And it was crazy to see how these items would get sold out!  So someone is buying them.  Now China makes 27billion dollars from exporting these toys to the world, though China has a ban on pornography in there country.  Looks like we are buying there adult toys as well as everything else they produce.This brings me to another one of my themes….Not every Man’s Battle.The Church has to get this through there brains!!!  It’s not every man’s battle, it’s ever human beings battle!  Lust knows no gender!  Why do we think this way?  I wrote my book to help people see the fallacy in this thinking. consumers of adult material is growing beyond what the Church can understand.  Unfortunately the Church is 20 years behind the times when it comes to understanding where the culture is at.  Thank God for young people that help us understand where trends are at in the culture or we would still be thinking women don’t go to college, military or vote!  We are sadly not understanding what is going on.I will continue to blog on these issues in the hopes that people understand that the more we conform to the worlds lust, we will forfeit (Agape) love and it’s enjoyment!  Whether you are a male or female, we both  are in danger of being duped to finding our own enjoyment at the expense of another instead of finding our pleasure in the enjoyment of another.There is so much to discuss, but it can be at a later time…Beau