Sweet Sleep!

I was reading Proverbs 3 the other day and came upon this passage.  The context is keeping wisdom and not letting it depart from us.  The passage is in verse 24 and it reads, “Yes, you will lie down and your sleep will be sweet!”One of the area’s that is so affected by our porn behaviors has been “sweet sleep.”  So many of us have found ourselves in late night patterns, flipping through channels or getting online only to fall again, and once the stumble has occurred, it becomes difficult to have this sweet sleep.  In our conscious we are burdened and unable to rest well, only to wake up groggy and regretful.This is no fun!  The remedy is to find Happyness (vs. 13) is God’s wisdom in His Word.  His word tells us plainly that in keeping his word we have peace.  This means a great night of sleep!  Practically this means changing things up in your life.  For married couples I recommend going to bed close to the time your wife does and enjoy her…as the proverbs also say.  This does not just mean sexually, but in a loving way, simply being around her.  She will be blessed to know you prefer her than TV!

Think through some of this and how you can have better sleep, peaceful sleep.  It is good for your health!  (vs eight)

You are complete in HIM!
Col 2:10