Lust and Trust! by Karen Adams

Well, summer is definitely here.  We certainly are not wearing long jeans and sweaters anymore!  Not in this heat!

It is time now to bring out our summer clothes.  Now, as believers, we know how to dress more modestly than the world does.  (1st Tim 2:9)  Yet we know that just as the flower sprouted in the Spring, we will be seeing much more skin sprouting too!  Swimwear, sleevelesss shirts, shorts that are…real short.  This brings me to what’s on my heart.

At this time of year, men’s eyes will be darting all over the place.  Either subtly or blantantly to get a look at women and their apparel (or rather, non apparel).  A common saying for women who see their spouce/boyfrind doing this is the old cliche’ “Oh, men will be men.”  But NO!  Men as believers in Christ are called, often challenged to a much higher standard when it comes to this lustful behavior.  It hurts if our loved one looks at another woman and says how nice she looks or how pretty she is.  Be honest, how does that make us feel?  Undersireable?  We think of changing our hair, going on a diet to fit into old cloths that once fit us nicely.  Although I do give Christian men more benifit of the doubt there are still many who do this.  But my thought is for us women.  How do we react?  Do you pretend you didn’t hear it?  Do you comform to dressing like the world, or are you just plain angry and keep your mouth shut?

There is a better way of going about this issue.  Sure men are acting sinful as they lust, but for us women we also fall into sinful behaviour in the above ways too.  This reaction to sin is not the way to go!

There is a evil one and this is where he gets us.  He would love for you to believe you have a justified righteousness here.  But we simply don’t.  Men are lusting, yes, and that is sinful.  But we as women are angry and resentful and that is sin as well.  Both do not produce the righteousness of God.  First and foremost we need to ask the Lord to forgive us for feeling the way we do.  Pray for sustenance, abiding in the fruits of the Spirit.  Galatians 5:22.  Be honest and talk to your loved one.  But even if he continues, know this, we don’t have too!  We can pursure the joy of the Lord.

Colossians 2:10 tells us that we are complete in Him!  That’s right, your complete in God alone!  We don’t need a person, place or thing to keep us joyful!  Our joy is complete in the Messiah!  Not only that but we are beautiful to Him.  He wants us to praise and glorify Him in every situation that comes our way, showing His value to a lost world that does not know that value of Jesus.  Knowing that our hope and trust lie in Him should keep us showing joy and now, in this world, and in the life to come.

by Karen Adams